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Update from the Transformers 2 Set

The Transformers 2 set proved to be much more eventful today. This morning there were people with orange logo passes around their necks milling around. They also covered the mini love sign with something that may be meant to look like ivy but really looks more like ratty green cargo netting.

When I went to the library at lunch I walked through gaggles of waiting extras, more security and far more equipment. Many of the female extras appeared incredibly overdressed and heavily made up, while the males mostly wore long shorts and t-shirts.

Then, on my way back from the library I noticed a group of extras had been taken off to one side. I chose that particular path and ended up walking right past Megan Fox with a blonde actress I didn’t recognize. They both wore ridiculously tall shoes, more makeup than I think I’ve ever seen, are rail thin and looked fairly miserable.

On my other side: Michael Bay with his signature tucked in button down shirt open down the chest and feathered hair. I have no idea how he keeps his hair like that in this humidity. Must be Hollywood magic!

I think that’s about as good as it’s going to get for me. When I passed by later after eating lunch they had the area I walked through roped off and even more security. I have to pass through on the way to the train again in a few hours, if they let me.

Transformers 2, next door

Yesterday I discovered they’re filming Transformers 2 right next door to my workplace. In fact, I can see bits of the set from one of the windows down the hall. It definitely adds excitement to the average workday, and I can’t wait to see the finished product. 


I walked to work from the train yesterday and saw a large truck parked outside my workplace with Paramount Pictures Los Angeles, CA on it. After a few seconds of googling, I concluded it must be Transformers 2 and proceeded to e-mail all of my fellow geek friends. 


They didn’t seem to do a whole lot yesterday, I suspect due to the horrific heat wave. Today, however, the set is much more active. They covered much of the building with long black shrouds, re-landscaped the front yard, and now have security guards hanging around as well. 


From the looks of it, the earliest they’d start any actual filming would be tomorrow or the next day. I have yet to see any recognizable celebrities. The two most interesting sights thus far:  


A group of men dressed alike laying on the grass opposite the building, pointing, discussing and making notes. The fashion theme was sweaty tan t-shirt and long greenish brown shorts.


Gigantic and numerous electrical cables, boxes and generators. Yes, I am nerdy enough to find that fascinating. 


I’ll continue to post updates here as the action continues next door. 


If you’d like to stop by to check it out for yourself, you’ll have to come on foot as it’s not accessible by car. It’s on 36th Street between Walnut and Spruce, which is a pedestrian pathway on the University of Pennsylvania campus. They’re filming about a block north of Spruce Street. 

Chelsea Clinton at Penn today

Both the Obama and Clinton headquarters opened in Philadelphia today, and Chelsea Clinton will be working for her mom on Penn campus. At 4:30 PM she’ll host an event called “Our Voice, Our Future” at Wynn Commons, 3417 Spruce Street.The Clintons have quite a bit of work to do. My general impression is Philadelphia is an Obama county. Certainly, it’s to the point where within a certain age range it’s not at all cool to support anyone else.Although I only work two doors down from this afternoon’s event, I much prefer to catch a timely train home rather than try to squish myself in with the collegiate crowds. If it were Hillary herself, sure. I’m sure Chelsea is a good speaker, but all I’d want to know from her is why she ditched Socks when they left the White House.

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