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Public Radio Fund Drive

I wake up to it. It plays in my bathroom whenever you turn the light on. I drive to it, cook to it, read the newspaper to it and often times tune in for a few minutes before going to sleep. I’m talking about WHYY, Philadelphia’s NPR station. I value having this resource available to me and I keep my membership active with a yearly pledge. I don’t give them a lot of money (because I don’t have much), but WHYY plays a huge role in my life and so I like to do my part to give back.

They are currently in the middle of their fund drive and are really struggling to meet their goals. If you listen and haven’t given yet, please consider getting online or giving them a call (1-888-345-WHYY) in order to make a pledge.

WHYY Reception

I got in the habit sometime during my middle school years of listening to the radio as I got ready in the morning. As soon as I walked into the bathroom, I’d switch it on. My choices in station varied over the years, but since moving to Philly, my morning staple has been WHYY. I am not embarrassed to admit that I love NPR and I think we’re so lucky around here to have such an outstanding branch of that service.

Except that lately, I can’t get them to come in clearly in my bathroom. The rest of the apartment isn’t too much of a struggle, but the bathroom absolutely refused to tune in to 90.9 fm. My mornings feel off, like I’m missing an important component of my day. It makes me sad not to be able to hear Morning Edition and the local news and weather. I am tempted to bring my computer in with me and turn on the streaming feed, but that seems like an unwise idea, as my computer isn’t too fond of tropical humidity. I’ve been listening to CDs instead, but it’s a sorry substitute.

Check out hour two of Radio Times tomorrow

Tomorrow morning during the second hour of Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane my former co-worker and fellow blogger (and Philadelphia Weekly film writer) Matt Prigge will be on (along with City Paper film writer Sam Adams) the program to talk about movies and the Oscars, which will be airing on Sunday night. Matt knows more about movies than anyone else I know and so I’m confident that it will be an entertaining hour. He has always talked about coming to write over here at the metblog with us, but I’m afraid that his star has now risen too high.

On Film

Currently the VCR is whirring while my muted TV shows images from WHYY’s showing of the film Rittenhouse Square. I admit it: I’m trying to avoind the station’s begathon breaks. A long day’s schmoozing and fund-raising can sometimes leave me with very little patience for being on the receiving end of someone else’s fund-raising pitch.

(In my defense, I’ve got the WHYY mailed appeal sitting in the stack of bills and other important papers to handle that sits on my coffee table. I give to charities, just usually on my own timetable rather than in a Pavlovian response the the TV or radio pledge break.)

I look forward to watching the film over the next few nights when I’m not quite so exhausted. I am also very much intrigued by a programming note I spotted on WHYY’s website while retrieving the link for here. Next up is a re-broadcast of Streisand’s 1966 Color Me Barbra, which contains a key sequence filmed at the PMA.

Guess that VCR will be whirring for a little while longer.

Rittenhouse Square on WHYY

WHYY is going to be airing “Rittenhouse Square” at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, March 14th. “Rittenhouse Square” is a documentary about Philadelphia’s most beloved Center City green space. This movie premiered at last year’s Film Festival to great acclaim. I was there that night, and while I didn’t think it was the best movie that could have been made about the square, I still enjoyed it for the simple fact that it is a space with which I am deeply familiar.

The new look of Peanut Chews

I listen to the radio in the morning as I get ready for work. I’ve always done so, I’ve never been someone who can flick on the tv to accompany their am routine. These days I listen to WHYY, to get some news, find out what the weather is like out there, and generally stay awake as I drag myself out of bed and into the day. I’ve been noticing an odd thing recently, in my morning news. The weather report on Morning Edition, which has always been a sponsored segment, has been brought to us by “The new look of Peanut Chews” on a fairly regular basis. I don’t know why, but I find it odd that a candy bar is sponsoring the weather. I realize that Peanut Chews are a Philadelphia institution, and that they are aggressively trying to remarket their brand, but I didn’t think that WHYY listeners are their target audience. I took a look at the Peanut Chew website, and right now they seem to be focusing on the youth, extreme sports market. They are the official candy bar of the Dew Action Sports Tour, which seems totally incongruous with Public Radio. But I’m all for supporting NPR and if Peanut Chews wants to throw some money their way, I say go for it.

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