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Jean Madeline Aveda Institute

Where to get an inexpensive haircut? Why, the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute! I usually have a friend cut my hair, but about twice a year I need a professional. Well, I opted for someone who was learning to be a professional from a professional school. I went to the Bainbridge St. location (there are 3, altogether) and got a haircut from Claudia. Claudia was very nice. She gave me a scalp massage, a hand massage, washed my hair, cut it, worked on some long layers for me, and trimmed my bangs. It looks very good, I must say, and she was a very sweet girl with a nice personality. I told her she was very intense, but she preferred to call it “focused.” Yes, that was a better choice to describe the time and care she put into my haircut, and I hope all the students are this serious about their careers. They certainly did look like they were having fun.

The salon offered all kinds of treatments, including facials and body wraps. I must say that if you choose to go there you must 1. sign a waiver – remember they are learning, and 2. be prepared to be there for a little longer than your usual trip to the salon – again, they are learning. We had to stop a few times for checking by the instructor. I was there from about 2:15 to 4:30. I felt so bad, becuaseI forgot to tip Claudia, thoughtless and hurried customer that I was. Here, I am offering a public apology to Claudia. I only remembered once I was half way home. (I did go back this week and leave her something.) Claudia, you did an excellent job!

Brickbat Books!

This just in: There’s a new bookstore in South Philly! Working in the publishing industry, I’m always keeping my eye out for new places to browse, and I was walking up 4th this weekend, and there was a brightly-lit store, actually opened past 5 p.m. There were 4 or 5 people, hard at work on Saturday night, putting in bookshelves. The new Brickbat Books (709 S. Fourth St.) seems like it may be opened already, what with the only web searches on it leading to a musical performance that took place there on Sunday night. I didn’t see an official site, but it seems they are a sister store to Big Jar Books (55 N. Second St.). I will check it out on my way home for more details. I sure am excited to see a non-chain in my neighborhood!

Cowtown Flea Market

I’ve never been to the Cowtown Rodeo in South Jersey, but it’s one of those places that keeps crossing my consciousness. Friends of mine went a couple of years ago, and recently I heard a story on NPR about the rodeo and the land that it runs on. The last time I got lost in South Jersey, the friend that I was driving around with pointed at an exit and said, “That’s how you get to Cowtown.”

Today there was a really interesting article in the Inquirer about the Cowtown Flea Market that shares space with the rodeo. My interest in heading out there has now increased, as I’ve never been able to resist a good flea market (I’m always up for an opportunity to sort through the assorted flotsam of the lives of others). Cowtown seems to be calling to me and I feel I must answer!

Hi! I’m Robin.

Hi! I’m Robin. I’m new.

I’m not much of a shopper, because I’m on a budget, and don’t really have lots of extra income for shopping. But when it comes to gifts, well, that is a great excuse to find some new stores. I’ve just discovered Brave New Worlds, in Old City. 45 N. Second St., specifically. I’m not much of a comic fan, but my birthday friend is, so headed over there to check it out on my lunchbreak last week. Well, what a nice surprise! I love toys! And they have lots of toys! Weird little foreign-made toys, to be specific. They’ve also got plenty of action figures. I chose something out of the front case for a nice, low price. It was a surprise, so I didn’t even know which collectible it would be. The shoppers in there are enthusiastic, to say the least, and I met a woman who said she’s been stopping in to buy a surprise collectible almost every day.

Store number two, of the children’s and baby variety, popped up on my way to visit my new-mom friend. I was headed north towards the Market East Station, when what to my wandering eyes doth appear? Lolli Lolli. It’s at 713 Walnut, just across from Washington Square Park. Thank goodness they’ve finally put a nice children’s boutique in on my side of town. Really. I don’t have kids, nor do I hang with them very much, but when I’m going to visit my friends with the little buggers, I love to take them gifts. And Aunt Robin doesn’t like to go to the other side of town when she’s in a hurry. Now I’ve got something nearby. I’m telling you – this city gets better and better.

Open Target

I love Target. I am aware their practices are no better than Wal-Mart in terms of compensation, conditions and sweatshop labor. It’s just so much nicer to shop in. Cleaner, brighter, wider aisles and irresistible seasonal sections. Fortunately for my bank account, there is no easy access to Target via Septa and I rarely have a car on hand. That said, I’ve been keeping an eye on the gigantic Target on City Ave, wondering when it would finally open. I passed by last Sunday and made a comment along the lines of “it looks ready enough, let us in.”

Punk Rock Flea Market – Saturday!

Make sure to head over to head over to the Starlight Ballroom this Saturday between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm to check out all the cool stuff at R5 Productions’ semi-annual Punk Rock Flea Market. In addition to giving you chance to get great bargains and unique stuff, the flea market is an event that raises funds in order to help R5 pay for their incredibly high insurance bill (by attending the flea market, you help keep show ticket prices low).

The Starlight Ballroom is at 460 North 9th Street (On 9th Street Between Spring Garden and Callowhill. The event is open to all ages, but you have to be 21 to drink. They will be collecting a $3 donation at the door. In addition to the normal flea market stuff there will also be a full bar and food service kitchen to make the day go by a little faster.

The list of the 100+ vendors can be found after the jump.

‘Tis the season…

For outdoor flea markets. I’ve always enjoyed the flea markets, as there’s really nothing I love more that vast stretches of used stuff. You just never know what you’re going to find. Several years ago, I acquired a pair of vintage Gucci sunglasses (with only one small scratch). A friend got a TV cart for $5 that she used happily for more than three years. I also have many the small jar, antique silver spoon and random cookbook that I’ve picked up here and there.

On Saturday, June 2nd, the Albert M. Greenfield school (22nd and Chestnut) will be circling their building with flea market vendors from all over the area. Rain date is Sunday, June 3rd. (After you’ve had your fill of expensive art at the Rittenhouse Square fest, you can head this way for more affordable collectibles).

Sephora is coming to Chestnut Street

Opening pretty soonFor the last three or four years, I’ve been saying to my friends, “You know, I really can’t believe that there isn’t a Sephora in Center City someplace.” I’ve only been able to get my fix of that make up mecca on trips to King of Prussia (a place I hate visiting) or Cherry Hill (I’m not too fond of it out there either). Two years ago I took a trip out to Pittsburgh with a couple of friends and was stunned to discover that even they had a small Sephora located in one of the neighborhoods. I began to think that the Sephora Corporation had something against Philly.

Then, walking down Chestnut Street on Saturday evening with my friend Shay, on the way to see Lookingglass Alice, I saw a sign that made stop short and gasp. Sephora is coming to the space where Pay/Half used to be. This is slightly dangerous for me, as that is a mere three blocks from my home. But I’m thrilled to know that I’ll no longer have to trek to the suburbs for my Sephora fix. It’s also another interesting sign of the way Chestnut Street is changing to become more akin to Walnut Street.

Foster’s Cook and Home stores consolidating

Foster's Postcard

I’m more than a little sad at the prospect that in a few short days, there will no longer be a Foster’s Cookware in Reading Terminal Market. I love wandering around that packed store (even if they occasionally send an employee to the back with me to ensure that I do not shoplift–I never thought I looked that unreliable).

I am, however, excited at the prospect of having a brand new, extra-large (10,000 square feet!) store to wander to my heart’s content at 4th and Market.

World Class Rummage Sale

The First Unitarian Church (2125 Chestnut St. ) is having their annual World Class Rummage Sale on Saturday, January 27th from 11 am until 3 pm. They don’t have clothes, but they have just about everything else, so it’s definitely a good stop to make if you’re in the market for some stuff. I’ve gotten some terrific cookware there over the years, as well some books at fantastic prices. I’d recommend stopping by early, as the stuff will fly out the door. I donated some cool old carved wooden elephants that used to belong to my grandparents, I’m certain that someone will find them tomorrow and treasure them.

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