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Expand The R2 Schedule, The Magic Voice, & Other SEPTA Musings

Oh, SEPTA. How I missed thee. Sure, people here may complain but – come on – could it get any better than riding a bus or a train or a subway and actually see OTHER people riding it, too?


General Tso’s Slot Machines

Foxwoods wants to build a casino at The Gallery. Some people are opposed to it because of the je ne sais quoi that a casino might bring to the area – like traffic.

Other people are opposed to the casino because of the “shady elements” and “crime” and “prostitution” that a casino “would bring” to the area. That reason always make me chuckle because – if I recall from my eleventeen years – isn’t Chinatown the place where kids go to get fake ID’s and nunchucks and chewing gum that gets you high?

Still others are are opposed to the casino, for, well, batsh*t crazy reasons.


Where Are We?


Reviving an Old Favorite…

Where are we?


One for the memories: Where are we?

At which Philly food landmark did I find this sign?

Where are we? Doesn’t matter! There are prizes!

So we had a discussion on our super secret MetBlog Author Phones

Oh, come on!

Have I really stumped you folks with my picture of a Center City landmark?

Does no one know where this beautiful masonry is? Or rather, what it’s on? Do I need to give a hint?

#10: Where are we?

ID this beautiful piece of masonry found in our fair city.

Where are we? #9


Where is the Hotel Stephen Girard, on what street is the front entrance, and what is it now?

WAW #8

So my band played a block party in South Philly on Saturday. After us, some hardcore band jumped into the street and started playing like crazy. I forget their name so if you can help me out you’d be SO rad!

Also, can you name the corner?

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