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Baby, It’s Friggin’ Cold Outside

The high next week in the Philly area is supposed to be around 20 degrees.

We’ll see how well I’ve climatized since I will have been back 3 months by then.

Five bucks says I’ll be dressed for -20 degree weather.


Beat the heat

It’s too hot to think. I’m wearing a shirt that’s extremely light and fine; I don’t care if anything peeks through.

This past weekend I spent my Sunday at Target, having an iced coffee at the cafe while reading a book, trying on new summer shorts and dresses, walking around the aisles checking out everything I could… anything to stay inside that sweet, sweet air-conditioned sweetness.

What are some of your free or low-cost ways to stay cool and healthy while still getting out of the house? The main branch of the Free Library at 19th and Vine has always been a summer favorite of mine—I could spend all day roaming the stacks—but alas, I am working full time now.

At least my office building is also air-conditioned.

It’s gonna be a hot one! predicts icky, stick weather for the weekend: “HIGH TEMPERATURES ARE EXPECTED TO REACH THE MID 90S DURING THE AFTERNOON HOURS OF SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. THESE TEMPERATURES… COUPLED WITH INCREASING HUMIDITY… WILL ALLOW HEAT INDEX VALUES TO TOP OUT AROUND 100 DEGREES DURING THE HOTTEST PART OF THE DAY… ESPECIALLY IN THE HIGHLY URBANIZED AREAS. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT TEMPERATURES AT NIGHT MAY NOT DROP BELOW THE LOWER TO MID 70S… PARTICULARLY IN THE HIGHLY URBANIZED AREAS,” so I highly suggest you hit one of Alex’s Lemonade stands for some refreshment. Those folks are really nice, and your donation goes to a great cause. You’ll need to stay refreshed, and so will your elderly neighbors. Remember to check on them, and pets, too! (Let’s hope my a/c is fixed today!)

Monday won’t be much better.

Rain Grinch

This rain is awful. It’s making me tired, cranky, chilly and unmotivated. Yesterday I was splashed Carrie-style by a SEPTA bus on Market Street. This did not help, nor does the gigantic filthy lake that forms on the southwest side of 30th Street Station in the rain. Forecasts predict the sun won’t come out until Friday. I predict I will be grumpier by the day until then.

Yep. It’s hot.

Today is shaping up to be the hottest of the year, and it was already torturous at 9 this morning. It took me over 20 minutes to walk one mile to work; it felt somewhat like trying to breathe in a sauna but fully clothed with the added bonus of vehicular emissions. I’m armed with linen clothing, plenty of fruit, and a liter of water. I will definitely need it as our air conditioning system at work is notoriously unreliable in extreme temperatures.

Hottest day advice from

The National Weather Service has issued an another excessive heat warning, effective through 8 p.m.

The usual warnings apply:
Stay out of the heat.
Never leave children or pets in vehicles.
Check on elderly relatives and neighbors.
Wear light, loose clothing
Drink lots of nonalcoholic fluids.

For advice by phone on heat-related concerns, call the Heatline of the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, at 215-765-9040. It will be staffed until midnight.

They forgot to add: jump in your local public pool!

What Season Is this Anyway?

This weekend’s weather was just beautiful – not at all too hot, but also not too cool. Today is probably bordering on too cool for some. Personally, this is my favorite weather – cool, overcast, sometimes a little bit rainy. It’s perfect! I was so thrilled about it that I actually put on corduroys this morning, as if the start of autumn had arrived. At the same time that I am enjoying it though, I can’t help but feel like something isn’t quite right. I mean, after all, it IS July, isn’t it?

It kind of makes me feel like I did when I took this picture this past May. It was spring then, but these maple leaves seemed to think it was autumn.

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Scary Thunderstorms

As someone with a more than slight fear of thunderstorms yesterday was not so much fun for me. I also failed to don proper footwear and bring an umbrella because Sue Serio told me the rain would not start until drive time. Flip-flops are not ideal thunderstorm wear, especially when taking the trolley. I was forced to step in a large deep puddle of what can only be described as trolley slime. Throughout my wait at 30th street and subsequent ride home my feet slowly dried and crusted over with said slime.

It could have been worse, though. In fulfillment of my worst thunderstorm fears, a young boy in Cherry Hill was actually hit by lightning. He was knocked out and his clothes caught fire. Thank goodness a neighbor happened to look out their window and see the poor kid. He’s in critical condition and I think I may have upgraded to a full on phobia.

Storming in Center City

About an hour ago I was out, finishing up a wander through the Rittenhouse Square Flower Market, when it started to get breezy and a little overcast. I ran into a friend just outside the square and we stood there talking for a couple of minutes, as the weather conditions got worse and worse. A major burst of wind suddenly rocketed down the street, bringing a blast of dirt and debris along with it. Jamie jumped around to cover her 1-year-old daughter’s eyes, before bringing the stroller cover all the way down to surround her. We said our goodbyes and hurried along, trying to make it home before the storm struck. We both did, because the thunder just now rumbled through the city and I can see chunky drops falling from my window. is predicting thunderstorms up until about 10 pm tonight, so if you don’t have to go out, I recommend staying in.

Here come the rains…

It’s been pouring out on the upper main line for about an hour, and it looks like the rain has arrived just in time for rush hour! The sky is incredibly dark, but no drops here yet in University City. I swear mother nature is waiting for 5:01 PM to soak all of us nine to fivers. Hope you remembered your umbrella.

I take it back

I posted an April Fools joke on here, naturally on April 1.
I wrote:

“Just when we thought winter was over and done with, Yardis Alpolfo, reporter for the Action National Weather News, just announced we are in for a twelve to fifteen inch snowstorm this Thursday.
So while you are enjoying this spring weather over the next few days you had better stock up on more rock salt and keep your shovel handy.”

In an effort to change this horrid weather I take back my joke. There is no such person as Yardis Alpolfo. Yardis Alpolfo is actually an anagram for April Fools Day. There is no such place as the Action National Weather News.
Now, please, can we get back to normal.

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