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New bike racks!!

Have you noticed all the bike racks popping up along city sidewalks? I can hardly believe my eyes. I was wondering if the long-rumored bicycle/pedestrian coordinator was ever hired in the city, and it seems she has been. I’m probably way behind on that news. A quick look at the Streets department website shows me that indeed, there exists a Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Task Force. Hooray! Now I can easily find a parking space. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Philadelphia. Much better than seeking out a signpost which is already loaded with bikes.

The Best Soap Opera On TV

It’s not “Days Of Our Lives” or “The Young And The Restless” or even “One Life To Live“.

It’s the Fox 29 Ten O’Clock News.

For any of us following the Larry Mendte saga (including some of us on Metblogs..) – you might know that his hot wife, Dawn Stensland, is a news anchor on Fox 29. With the cold weather (what is this white crap coming out of the sky?!) – it’s nice to heat up a bag of popcorn and curl up to the disclaimer that follows each Mendte report about Hot Dawn working there and how they have her support 100%.


`Cause..yeah…Every time they do a report about the douchebag Mendte, they take her off the news desk or do the story at the beginning of the news before she shows up. I’ve noticed the past few nights she’s looked kinda sad after the reports. Especially now that we’re finding out that “OMGZ Larry hacked into another news anchor’s Yahoo e-mail duudez. LOL.”

Don’t be sad, Dawn. Besides the obvious reason that you can look me up and I’ll come “console” you any time day or night (preferably day, as I work in retail…) – here are some other reasons you can feel better about your otherwise terrible situation:


10. At least you’re not married to this guy:

9. Maybe Larry was just hacking into the weather guy’s e-mail to get the way extended forecast to take you on a second honeymoon?

8. You never, ever have to do the dishes again.

7. Stensland is a way cooler last name than Mendte.

6. You get to play yourself in the TV movie while Larry will be played by Bill Murray.

5. He gets house arrest, you get to look at John Bolaris every night.

4. Put it this way. Any time there’s something about Larry they need to discuss, you get 5 minutes to go get a coffee or finish your Sudoku puzzle.

3. You could always get back at Larry by banging Antonio Villaraigosa

2. You now have the right to tell Larry to stop practicing his god-awful stand-up routine whenever you want.

1. Your new catchphrase is: “Not only do I report the news…I AM the news!”

Be seeing you,

– AP

Attention Philly photographers

Beginning in September, Philadlephia City Paper will select a photo a week for publication in our paper in exchange for a photo credit, bragging rights, glory, etc.

to enter, add your photos to the Flickr group: Philadelphia City Paper

Photo of the Day

<>As I’m a bit behind, two photos today. One is the ‘photo of the day”; a quintessential, moody “profile of a drinker” by Ted Adams


See the original on Flickr here

NBA draft tonight

NBA draft tonight- and the 76ers select….

 I don’t know.

 The draft doesn’t start until 8pm.

Go 76ers!

No Regrets – Short and Sweet

While cruising multiple online news sites today, I came across this story: BUSH: NO REGRETS OVER IRAQ INVASION.

Seriously? No, seriously?

It’s gonna be a hot one! predicts icky, stick weather for the weekend: “HIGH TEMPERATURES ARE EXPECTED TO REACH THE MID 90S DURING THE AFTERNOON HOURS OF SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. THESE TEMPERATURES… COUPLED WITH INCREASING HUMIDITY… WILL ALLOW HEAT INDEX VALUES TO TOP OUT AROUND 100 DEGREES DURING THE HOTTEST PART OF THE DAY… ESPECIALLY IN THE HIGHLY URBANIZED AREAS. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT TEMPERATURES AT NIGHT MAY NOT DROP BELOW THE LOWER TO MID 70S… PARTICULARLY IN THE HIGHLY URBANIZED AREAS,” so I highly suggest you hit one of Alex’s Lemonade stands for some refreshment. Those folks are really nice, and your donation goes to a great cause. You’ll need to stay refreshed, and so will your elderly neighbors. Remember to check on them, and pets, too! (Let’s hope my a/c is fixed today!)

Monday won’t be much better.

When the softball ends…

from Associated Press (this is not true)

Team GFY, a promising (allegedly true) young (not true) expansion team, in the Philadelphia Sports Club softball league, beginners level, had their season come to a devastating (not entirely true) end this Sunday in the tangled web of the Philly suburbs. GFY lost to….uh, the other team, 13-10 (this might be true,) failing to advance in the playoffs for a sixth straight year (not true.)

Down a player for the first half of the game due to GFY utility fielder, Knife Fight, being involved in an actualknife fight (this might be true,) GFY was stuck playing catch up to The Other Team for the majority of the game. Knalez Novackiwitz was the unlikely hero and threw them on her back. (not literally)

“You really have to, like, do what you gotta do,” Knalez (never) said. “I mean, it is the playoffs.”

Batting twice in the order, Knalez was an astonishing 13 for 15 (not true), at one point reaching base safely nine straight times (not true, it might have been four.) Donkey Punch, a new addition to GFY, added pop in the lineup and an uncanny ability to try without trying and then kind of pretending to try- all at the same time, with his fielding. Jables Cash had a decent day and El Grande Blanco International showed why he has drawn comparisons to both Cecil Fielder (no) and the guy from Coldplay (this is sort of true.)

But ultimately, not even another solid performance from the Rocket could save the team (this is also sort of true.) The Other Team now advances while GFY goes home and cleans out their lockers (not true.)

“It was totally a promising first season,” DRob Zimmerman, player/coach/singer/manager/organizer, (never) said. “I feel we can only go up from here.” (this is possibly true)

Only time will tell if that is true. But for now it’s back to the drawing board (i.e. Craigslist- really good softball players wanted– section.)

So GFY, GFY. Better luck next year.

Free iced coffee while you wait. And wait.

Yesterday was quite the day for a rail commuter. Dunkin’ Donuts had their free iced coffee promotion, and the timing was perfect. While some franchise locations struggled with lines down the block, the location in the regional rail corridor at 30th street station had it down. They prepared several iced coffees in advance, of both the black and cream and sugar variety. When customers came up for their freebie the staff asked “Cream sugar?” and were met with their cup of choice immediately. Nary a line formed, not even during the evening rush.

Meanwhile, the regional rail lines themselves struggled with major signal problems. All of the trains were delayed, platforms were packed, and once riders were on their trains they were further delayed with stop signals. Commuters might have been very cranky. Dunkin Donuts to the rescue! Free plastic cups of caffeinated goodness kept the grouchies away. Everyone sucked away on their orange and purple straws, building a nice caffeine buzz to help stave off irritation at being stuck in the middle of their ride home. Again.

Even I joined in the fun, which was especially interesting as I never drink coffee. I zipped around the apartment until nearly 10 before realizing I’d yet to eat dinner and came very closing to missing Lost. In the meantime, though, I installed a networking card in an old computer, set up airport wireless, made a chart of potential garden perennials, and researched half of the bathroom contents on the Skin Deep database.

Slightly more productive than I previously was.

EPXtravaganza! – Spring Fair, Flea Market & Family Fun Day on 5/10, 10am-3pm

Please come out to the EPXtravaganza and support the East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association and Town Watch! The mummers will be there, live entertainment, fire trucks will be on premises for tours, food, plant sale A LOT OF GREAT DEALS!

What? Spring Fair, Flea Market & Family Fun Day!
When? May 10th, 10 AM to 3 PM, Rain or Shine
Where? Neumann-Goretti High School (Enter off of 11th Street, south of Moore Street)


Interested in joining our Flea Market? Please read the following information. Your signature on the registration form indicates that you read this information and agree to abide by all guidelines. Thank you.


Each space measures 8×13 (a standard-sized parking space).
Spaces are assigned on a first-come first-served basis as registration forms are received.
Bring your own blanket and/or tables and chairs; we provide the space only.


You may set-up your space between 9 AM and 10:00 AM on Saturday, May 10th. You will not be able to enter the site earlier. Set-up should be completed before we open the doors to the public at 10:00 AM. Remeber to bring your own blanket and/or tables and chairs. To provide shade you may wish to bring an umbrella or small tent.


Vehicles are allowed in the market area during set-up ONLY. No parking is provided. Vehicles must be removed from the market area by 10:00 AM. You are responsible for parking your vehicle OFF-SITE from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM


$10 per space for individuals/family
$40 per space for businesses


The event will happen RAIN or SHINE; we’ll move into the school’s gymnasium if it’s raining out.
Sorry, no refunds due to uncooperative weather or any other suboptimal condition.
Do not bring and/or sell these items:

Weapons or weapon accessories
Live animals
Fireworks, explosives or other hazardous materials
Stolen products
Prescriptions or illegal drugs
These items are not welcome at the EPXtravaganza, for sale or otherwise. Please use your judgement and do not bring illegal items or anything that requires a license to sell. We’re a community organization and kids will be in attendance, please respect this.


To reserve a space (or spaces), please mail the Flea Market Registration form with a check or money order payable to “East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association and Town Watch” to:

EPX Flea Market
1117 Emily Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Deadline Extension: Registration forms must be received by 6pm, Thursday, May 8th at 1117 Emily Street

Email questions tol

Thanks for supporting EPX and the EPXtravaganza!

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