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Philadelphia Discounts Every Week!

No, I’m not being paid for it, but I’m trying to clue you in on some great deals! A while back, a close friend sent me a list of shows she might like to see, all at discount prices. It turns out that these are accessible to anyone. I always thought the PhillyFunGuide was meant for visitors, but no! It’s for you and me, too, Philly residents! To sign up, go here, and just fill out your info. Every week, you’ll get an email, showcasing a number of events and the low, low prices you are privileged to. Among the choices of categories: classes and workshops, film, free, dance, gay & lesbian, kids, lectures & literature, multicultural, museums & galleries, music, outdoors, sites & attractions, special events, sports, theater, and visual arts. Check it out!

Theater Season in Philadelphia ON SALE

Every Philadephian and visitor to our city should know about Philly and funsavers. The site gives you great information about what is going on in Philadelphia and if you sign up for funsavers you can get half-price tickets for many of the events.

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 27, they are offering half priced tickets for entire theater seasons for the Arden, Walnut Street Theater, Peoples Light and Theater Company, Flashpoint Theater Company, Theater Exile, Theater Horizon, Luna Theater Company, Curio Theater Company, Lantern Theater Company and others.

Theater is so expensive but not if you purchase these specials. They start at $7.50 a play with many topping out at $12.

The Walnut Street season which is the most expensive offers 5 plays at $25 each. That is about what you would pay for the tax on a NYC ticket. But you will see productions of Les Miserables, Peter Pan, The Price, The Odd Couple, and Man of la Mancha, for the price of one $125 seat in NYC.

With the money you saved you can treat yourself to a pre-theater dinner. Check it out

Lookingglass Alice is spectacular

Friday afternoon, a friend who was on the cusp of moving out of town, offered me her tickets to Saturday night’s performance of Lookingglass Alice, at the Arden Theater Company. I accepted, because I try never to miss an opportunity to see live theater and almost everything I’ve seen at the Arden has been quite wonderful (The Syringa Tree was particularly amazing).

My friend Shay and I had a dinner of Franklin Fountain ice cream for dinner before entering the theater. Neither of us knew what to expect when we sat down. The set that we could see was a rough approximation of an drawing room, complete with fireplace, clock and mantelpiece mirror. A black curtain hung lengthwise across the middle of the stage, dividing the space into two. We couldn’t see what was on the other side of the curtain, but we knew that half the audience was sitting over there, and that the mirror was actually a gilded frame with no glass, giving a narrow view of the other half of the theater.

Caroline, or Change

A couple of my friends have season tickets to the Arden. They had tickets to see Caroline, or Change tonight, and luckily for me, one of them couldn’t go. I got called in as a last minute replacement, and I feel so fortune that that was the case, as it was best theater experience I’ve had since I saw The Syringa Tree there during the 2004/2005 season.

It is a musical by Tony Kushner, who wrote Angels in America. It is set in 1963 and is about the dynamics between Caroline, an African-American maid who works for a Jewish family in Louisiana. It deals with oppression and communication between races. I found the whole thing to be riveting, but particularly a scene towards the end where Caroline has walked out of her job and is battling with her emotions and the reality of her life. It is a powerful scene, performed by an amazing actress and singer. She is the only character on stage and the feelings of torture and frustration she conveyed were so real that I wanted to weep. When she was finished, I quietly released a very small “wow” as I needed to verbally express my own reaction to it.

They’ve just extended the run for another week (through April 15th), and if you have the budget and time to check this one out, I would HIGHLY encourage you to do so.


I am off to see Monty Python’s SPAMALOT tonight at the Academy of Music. I am a fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail but don’t really know what to expect from this stage rendition of the classic film. Has anyone seen it? Any input on what to expect would be greatly appreciated.

The Government Cheese Theory

cheese1.jpgJust over the Walt Whitman Bridge in Woodbury, NJ, is Sketch Club Players Inc, a volunteer community theatre organization specializing in all things funny.

The Government Cheese Theory is a sketch group comprised of six comics from the Delaware Valley area, partnering with a Cherry Hill, NJ video company to promote and pitch a 10-episode documentary on comedy sketch. Next Tuesday, the 27th of February, is a special one-time-only engagement, the culmination of the pilot episode for the documentary series. The live show.

The Vagina Monologues

Whether you’ve seen Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues twelve times and are hoping for the thirteenth viewing or have only just been curious about it, here’s your chance to be present for a performance. This Wednesday and Friday, February 7th and 9th, the University of Pennsylvania’s V-Day Coalition will be presenting The Vagina Monologues. Rev. Beverly Dale, the Executive Director of the Christian Association and writer/performer of An Irreverent Journey will make a cameo appearance.

Tickets are $5 at the door. All proceeds benefit Women organized Against Rape of Philadelphia – Philadelphia’s only rape crisis center. The show is at Irvine Auditorium, 3401 Spruce St.

I Love The Nutcracker

Some people get into the Christmas spirit by listening to Christmas carols, but I find them annoying. To get myself into the holiday spirit, I have been listening to “The Nutcracker” endlessly at work. I am not a ballet connoisseur, but I like to see this ballet during the holiday season whenever I can. Thankfully, there is no shortage of viewing options in the Philadelphia region this weekend. The Keswick Theatre in Glenside will be offering a production of the ballet, performed by the First State Ballet Theatre. And if you can’t quite see yourself enjoying a traditional ballet, the Philly Nutt Crak-Up at the Painted Bride Theatre sounds like a riot. Or, why not see both? Perhaps the best news of all is the fact that both options can be enjoyed for half-price by visiting the PhillyFunGuide website.

Suicide Girls filming in Philly

I learned via the R5 Productions email newsletter that the very edgy (if a corporate organization can be edgy) Suicide Girls are bringing their Live Burlesque Show to the Starlight Ballroom this Thursday, October 19th. They’ll be filming the show for inclusion in their next DVD.

The R5 folks say, “They are going to rely heavily on footage from the Philadelphia show – so you can expect the most “off the hook routines” and “out of hand antics” in our own city. They’ll be interviewing show go’ers throughout the night – so you also get the possible bonus of being immortalized on dvd forever.”

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