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Philadelphia Soul: Champions Forever

Rejoice, fellow Philadelphians, I say rejoice!

Rejoice not because the Arena Football League is pretty much dead.

I implore you to rejoice because this means the Philadelphia Soul will be AFL Champions.


Now I know you’re a little sad, but don’t be. Yeah, Saturday and Sundays in mid-July are going to be way different in the Proctor household. No more recapping the crushing blocks of Clifton Smith, those game winning drives by Tony Graziani, or those 50-yard touchdown receptions by Larry Brackins.

If it weren’t for the AFL, this picture may never have been taken. (That’s Soul owner Jon Bon Jovi with Colorado Crush..haha…owner John Elway)

Wait – who am I kidding? I love football and all and have been wishing for a legit summer league ever since the XFL was piledriven off of NBC. However, I honestly only tuned into the Arena league if reruns of “Law & Order” or an infomercial I’d already seen 15 times weren’t on.

Still, the Soul are (is?) Champions forever.

We should have a parade every year – if Nutter can afford it.

Suck on that, Grand Rapids Rampage fans.

– AP

Yo Bama!

Since Barack Obama is coming to town tomorrow and screwing up everyone’s morning commute…. (Well, I guess Sarah Palin is gonna be there too….maybe she’ll make me some moose chili?) I’ll share this chestnut with you all:

I saw a story the other day on Channel 10 or Channel 6 or some other news program that isn’t anchored by Hot Dawn. The story was about how much of a “hard time” comedians are having making jokes about President-Elect Obama.

I’ve watched late night television a lot less since the election because it’s a little irritating that it’s been pretty much a month since the election and there are still jokes being made about Sarah Palin and how old McCain is. I think it was Fox News who said the ratio was 7:1, Republican to Democrat, when it came to jokes on late night shows and SNL. I know about sore losers…but it seems like there’s a lot of sore winners out there, too.

Anyhow, the way this “news” story made it seem (and the way late night TV makes it seem, at least, to me) – political comedians and late night hosts are going to be “out of jobs” because Obama is just so popular and likeable (yes, the 59,417,826 – including myself – who didn’t vote for the guy just don’t seem to count!). “We’re so lucky there’s Joe Biden!” snarked Jay Leno in one of his monologues. There will be absolutely no way to make fun of the guy, right?

Are comedians completely out of material? Maybe they’re being cautious? After all – a lot of people have been in some deep water for criticizing Obama – like a radio show almost getting shut down. It’s also so hard to make fun of the guy because it’s easy to be mistaken as a racist by the spastic pointy-finger of the Left.

I decided it was time for some half-assed investigative journalism. I put out an ad for local comedians to reply to and chime in with their thoughts. I received some excellent responses that I’d like to share with all of you.


Holy crap, Hurley!

If you watched the season premiere of Lost last night and desperately need to talk to someone about it, join up with Station 76: the Bell tonight at 7pm. Episode discussion and general OMFG comments take place at Higher Grounds at 3rd and Fairmount in Northern Liberties.

The Beginning of the End

Next Thursday, January 31, Lost returns for season four! So we only get eight episodes. We can debate the writers’ strike another time… I need my fix. A couple months ago I took over a Lost meetup group and I’m thinking, hey! Didn’t they Troc host a premiere party last year? Is anyone doing anything this year?

I’ve checked Eventful and Upcoming, I’ve googled every search term you can imagine creating with the words Lost, Philadelphia, season four, premiere. Nothing.

While in the car with my brother yesterday, we caught a snippet of information in a commercial on MMR about some kind of party going on at Dave and Busters, but of course, neither of their websites contain any information.

If some venue in Philly is hosting a Lost season premier party, I’ve yet to find it. So what is it, Philly? What’s going on next Thursday?


So whatcha think about the last episode of The Soprano’s. I thought it was great, especially the last few minutes. Tony, alone, looking up each time somone came into the restaurant. Each time we are waiting to see a hitman. Carm comes in and sits. Kids will be along, both coming seperatley. Again, each time the door opens Tony looks up.

Watching this our tensions build. A.J. Comes in with a strong looking man just in front. We know the guy is going to walk to Tony’s table and put one in his head but instead he takes a seat at the counter. A.J. is with his parents and there is light hearted bantor, as we wait.

Out in the street Meadow is trying to park her car. Inside the man at the counter stands and walks toward T’s booth, but he is just going to the men’s room. Meadow for the second time is trying to pull into the parking space. Our tension builds, Two young Black men walk into the restaurant and block our view of the door as they stand in front of a Juke Box. Are they the hitmen? Is the hitman coming in and we cannot see him. Meadow finally parks and comes running across the street. Is she going to run into the restaurant just as Tony gets whacked, will her entire family get killed, is she running towards her death.

By now the tension is at it’s height, we are on the edge of our seat, hearts beating a little faster…fade to black.

And why not. Fogetaboutit. It all just goes on. That is the life. One of their own is squealing to the feds, one of their own was just whacked. From the beginning, there is only one way this ends. We know the ending. Today, tomorrow, next week, eventually the weight of their ugly life will collapse upon them and crush them. What are ya gonna do?

What did you think of the ending?

Alert, Studio 60 Fans

Looks like NBC is bringing back the smart “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”. A new episode is on tonight at 10 PM. It will be interesting to see how much the creator and producer Aaron Sorkin and the writers had to give up, in order to keep the show on the air.

Heroes in Philadelphia

I just watched the season finale of Heroes — ya gotta love DVR — and I was just thinking, if the final battle happened in Philly, where would you do it? Love Park has irony written all over it. The Art Museum steps is gorgeous, even classically cool, but it’s gotten typecast from Rocky. I used to run at Belmont plateau and I can tell you it has an awesome view of the city. Good vs. evil duking it out with the glittering skyline in the background….

In the middle of 30th Street Station would be cool if you didn’t have to worry about those pesky witnesses.


What the Hell was America Thinking?

Last night I sat down to watch the ridiculously long American Idol results show. After 55 minutes of pussy-footing around it was revealed that the best (and most consistent) singer and performer in this season’s competition was going home and would not be competing in the finals. Melinda Doolittle was sent home yesterday. I have now lost all interest in this season and may not watch next week’s finale. I can at least take solace in the fact that she will probably have a bigger and longer career than either of the two contestants that made it to the final because she is that much more talented. I’m still in a minor state of shock from that result. Philly voted for her right? Please don’t make me loose faith in the musical competence of this city.

Where’s the love?????

On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart had a gag where one of his beat reporters compared Philadelphia to the gates of Hell! It was quickly amended to south Jersey, but yo, Jon, come on!!! I could start talking about other cities that I think are much closer to the gates of Hell, but y’know, I’m going to take the high road here.

He must have been here in August with a broken air conditioner, or made the mistake of wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey at an Eagles game…

The Church on the GG

I used to be a regular Gilmore Girls watcher, but since I started grad school last fall, evening classes have seriously gotten in the way of my regular dose of Lorelai and Rory. So I totally missed it last night when Philly got a big old shout out in the episode. According to Sound Bites, it was a show packed with indie music references, including a nod to our city’s favorite all-ages indie music venue.

Zach got an offer to fill for lead guitar on some band called Vapo-Rub’s summer tour and the name-dropping followed quickly:Tokyo Police Club (who, in the Gilmore world can headline Bowery Ballroom AND Roseland), Eminem, Iggy Pop, Grizzly Bear, Crooked Fingers, the Rosebuds, Bobby Conn and Midlake, plus mentions of venues Mercury Lounge, the 9:30 Club, the Black Cat, Magic Stick, and First Unitarian Church.

Woo hoo!

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