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Philly’s Quirk Books and Zombies take Internet by Storm

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


Are you a zombie fan? Are you a Jane Austen fan? If you can answer “yes” to either of these questions, there’s a treat in store for you! Philly publisher Quirk Books has a new take on a classic read, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Yes, you heard me correctly. Author Seth Grahame-Smith (see also Big Book of Porn, Pardon My President, and How to Survive a Horror Movie) has injected zombie mayhem into the original work, a totally legal maneuver allowed by public domain law.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a blurb hit the internet a few weeks ago, and spread like wildfire through Austen blogs and zombie blogs to places like Entertainment Weekly‘s Pop Watch and the London Sunday Times. Rumors of movie deals abound. Ah, the power of the internet. Isn’t it perfect for film?

Quirk featured the title last week at NYC’s Comic Con, besieged equally by Austen and zombie fans, and quickly ran out of promotional postcards. All this, and the book is not even available yet. The publication date of April 1 approaches, as do those brain-thirsty zombies. Some say Jane Austen would be rolling in her grave, while others say she would approve of the parody, and is just trying to get out! (Perhaps she would like to read it!)

Yo Bama!

Since Barack Obama is coming to town tomorrow and screwing up everyone’s morning commute…. (Well, I guess Sarah Palin is gonna be there too….maybe she’ll make me some moose chili?) I’ll share this chestnut with you all:

I saw a story the other day on Channel 10 or Channel 6 or some other news program that isn’t anchored by Hot Dawn. The story was about how much of a “hard time” comedians are having making jokes about President-Elect Obama.

I’ve watched late night television a lot less since the election because it’s a little irritating that it’s been pretty much a month since the election and there are still jokes being made about Sarah Palin and how old McCain is. I think it was Fox News who said the ratio was 7:1, Republican to Democrat, when it came to jokes on late night shows and SNL. I know about sore losers…but it seems like there’s a lot of sore winners out there, too.

Anyhow, the way this “news” story made it seem (and the way late night TV makes it seem, at least, to me) – political comedians and late night hosts are going to be “out of jobs” because Obama is just so popular and likeable (yes, the 59,417,826 – including myself – who didn’t vote for the guy just don’t seem to count!). “We’re so lucky there’s Joe Biden!” snarked Jay Leno in one of his monologues. There will be absolutely no way to make fun of the guy, right?

Are comedians completely out of material? Maybe they’re being cautious? After all – a lot of people have been in some deep water for criticizing Obama – like a radio show almost getting shut down. It’s also so hard to make fun of the guy because it’s easy to be mistaken as a racist by the spastic pointy-finger of the Left.

I decided it was time for some half-assed investigative journalism. I put out an ad for local comedians to reply to and chime in with their thoughts. I received some excellent responses that I’d like to share with all of you.


Senator Clinton Wins PA Primary, Farnese Wins 1st District Senate Seat

In one of the most exciting primary elections in recent history, Senator Clinton (NY) takes the PA primary with a 10 point lead over Senator Obama (IL).

While Obama overwhelmingly won the support of Philadelphians (65% to Clinton’s 35%), Clinton proved that she is the clear choice for Pennsylvanians state-wide. Being a huge supporter of Senator Clinton, I listened intently to her victory speech last night. She said one thing that really stuck in my mind (not verbatim), “…I’ve seen parent’s with their daughters saying – See? You can be anything you want to be.”

On an even more local level, Larry Farnese won the 1st District Senate Seat – proudly representing South Philadelphia. While I voted for Anne Dicker, I was very satisfied that union boss John Dougherty did not clinch the victory. Dougherty also “killed” more trees then Farnese and Dicker – and if anyone knows, I am all about greening South Philadelphia.

Phila. in Top Ten for Young Professionals

Forbes Magazine has Philadelphia as #9 among the top ten cities for Young Professionals. Beating us out were, NYC, Atlanta, LA, DC, Boston, Seattle and Minneapolis. Denver was number ten. To read the article click here

No Scootin’ Around at Wawa today!

For all you Bush-bashers…

You thought he’d PARDON Scooter Libby.


You were wrong. Sooooooo, so wrong.

Bush COMMUTED him. Not pardoned, commuted.


What a great guy he is.

But here’s the rub, chet…

Granted Scoot doesn’t have to serve any jail time, but he is STILL going to get hit with that kinda-hefty fine and the charge WON’T get taken off his personal record like it would have if he had gotten pardoned (balls!.) Soooooo, when Scoot goes to apply for a job in say, sunny Philadelphia, at maybe Wawa or Rita’s Water Ice to pay off said fine, he’ll still have to say, “yes,” when asked if he’s ever been convicted of a felony.

That’s annoying.

He’ll never get hired at Wawa now.

Bush really should have thought of that.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Don’t get mad at Bush for lettin’ Scoot off. Get mad at Bush for screwing up Scoot’s chances of working at Wawa.

The End.

Philly’s own Marc Vetri gets a shout-out in the NYT

I’m going to confess again that I am behind in my reading, which is why I didn’t catch the article in the New York Times Dining Section yesterday that featured Philadelphia’s own Marc Vetri. He’s been getting a lot of love in the local Philly media of late, and so I’m not surprised that the NYT has taken notice of our local hotshot. I was a little surprised that they didn’t love Osteria as much as Craig LaBan seemed to, though.

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