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Friday at the Transformers 2 Set

Not a whole lot to report today. I saw Megan Fox again, from much further away this time. She wore something red and very tight. The scene appeared to be “girls with bags walking down the path.” Security is way tighter, no photos and many more barricades. 

A coworker of mine met Shia LaBeouf yesterday around 6:00 pm as he was leaving work. He said Shia was very nice and personable, signed autographs for everyone and even let people take pictures with him.

Earlier today I heard one of the security people in my building saying they needed to use our property for filming something involving a car. I doubt I’ll get to see it, which is sad because I really wanted to see untransformed transformers much more than the human celebrity types. Oh well!

According to rumor, filming ends this weekend, so that’s it from me!

Update from the Transformers 2 Set

The Transformers 2 set proved to be much more eventful today. This morning there were people with orange logo passes around their necks milling around. They also covered the mini love sign with something that may be meant to look like ivy but really looks more like ratty green cargo netting.

When I went to the library at lunch I walked through gaggles of waiting extras, more security and far more equipment. Many of the female extras appeared incredibly overdressed and heavily made up, while the males mostly wore long shorts and t-shirts.

Then, on my way back from the library I noticed a group of extras had been taken off to one side. I chose that particular path and ended up walking right past Megan Fox with a blonde actress I didn’t recognize. They both wore ridiculously tall shoes, more makeup than I think I’ve ever seen, are rail thin and looked fairly miserable.

On my other side: Michael Bay with his signature tucked in button down shirt open down the chest and feathered hair. I have no idea how he keeps his hair like that in this humidity. Must be Hollywood magic!

I think that’s about as good as it’s going to get for me. When I passed by later after eating lunch they had the area I walked through roped off and even more security. I have to pass through on the way to the train again in a few hours, if they let me.

Transformers 2, next door

Yesterday I discovered they’re filming Transformers 2 right next door to my workplace. In fact, I can see bits of the set from one of the windows down the hall. It definitely adds excitement to the average workday, and I can’t wait to see the finished product. 


I walked to work from the train yesterday and saw a large truck parked outside my workplace with Paramount Pictures Los Angeles, CA on it. After a few seconds of googling, I concluded it must be Transformers 2 and proceeded to e-mail all of my fellow geek friends. 


They didn’t seem to do a whole lot yesterday, I suspect due to the horrific heat wave. Today, however, the set is much more active. They covered much of the building with long black shrouds, re-landscaped the front yard, and now have security guards hanging around as well. 


From the looks of it, the earliest they’d start any actual filming would be tomorrow or the next day. I have yet to see any recognizable celebrities. The two most interesting sights thus far:  


A group of men dressed alike laying on the grass opposite the building, pointing, discussing and making notes. The fashion theme was sweaty tan t-shirt and long greenish brown shorts.


Gigantic and numerous electrical cables, boxes and generators. Yes, I am nerdy enough to find that fascinating. 


I’ll continue to post updates here as the action continues next door. 


If you’d like to stop by to check it out for yourself, you’ll have to come on foot as it’s not accessible by car. It’s on 36th Street between Walnut and Spruce, which is a pedestrian pathway on the University of Pennsylvania campus. They’re filming about a block north of Spruce Street. 

Two Philadelphia Universities Top Ten in Country

U.S. News and World Report listed the top universities and colleges for 2008. Here is how our area schools ranked.

Princeton University is the #1 national school school in the country. The University of Pennsylvania is #5. Also ranked are Lehigh at #31, Penn State #48, Rutgers #59 tied with University of Pittsburgh #59, University of Delaware #71, Drexel at #108.

In the category of best Liberal Arts School, Swathmore College placed 3rd and Haverford College 10th.

To see the entire list click on above link

Half a biopond, better than none.

One of my favorite little urban oases is the biopond, tucked away behind laboratory buildings on the University of Pennsylvania campus. I hadn’t been in a while so I decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and pay a visit today when it would be in full bloom. In particular, I wanted to eat my lunch in the little green grassy area at the far southern end. If you take the virtual online tour you’ll see it, and it’s so adorable. Or it was. I walked up today and headed back towards my favorite spot only and couldn’t find it. I kept circling around wood-chipped paths, confused and disoriented. Then I realized, the meadow is gone! In fact, a big chunk of the biopond is gone with gravel and wood chips where grass and garden beds used to be. I’m very sad that Penn made the choice to destroy part of the biopond gardens, no doubt for nearby construction.

Spotted Owl

I have to give a public tribute to my life long friend, John H.Trudeau, Ph.D.

In this world of down-sizing and out-sourcing it is unusual to find someone who has worked in one job, for one employer, for twenty-five years. John, up until a few weeks ago, was the Director for the Center for Social Policy and Community Development at Temple University. John brought his whole caring self to the task. He is a world class grant and proposal writer. His skills brought in the money, as well as bringing a sense of love and caring to the endeavor.

The Center, presently, under the School of Social Administration at Temple University, is, to the people of North Philadelphia, and across Pennsylvania, the human face on a faceless monolith. When the folks in North Philadelphia need help and advice the Center is where they go. There was no better human face to represent this organization than John’s.


Went Monday night with a crew of ten to the Villanova Wildcats versus Pitt Panthers game at the Wachoiva Center.
It was a great game for us because some were rooting for Nova while others were cheering for Pitt and the score was close all the way to the end. Pitt 65, Nova 59, in a sold out game.

Crime Related


Apparently, Saint Joseph’s University is having a bit of a crime problem these days. An SJU student was shot early Sunday on the corner of 54th Street and Wyndale Avenue. Just last week the dining hall was robbed at gun point. I think its time for SJU to beef up their security measures.
I don’t feel comfortable walking the campus at night. There are hardly any students around and security is very scarce. I think people are starting to notice the lack of security and therefore, have decided to cause a little havoc. I have friends that say they were attacked while walking to their car by a group of kids. While an education is very well needed, so is your life.

Sal Paolantonio Talk Tonight

Tonight at 7:30 pm, Sal Paolantonio, ESPN NFL Correspondent and St. Joe’s Writing Studies Program adjunct faculty member, will be talking about how the Bush administration continues to construct obstacles that make it hard for journalists to do their jobs. How explicit policies and the nature of our wartime status contribute to those obstacles and then shroud the inner workings of the government from view by claiming national security issues. Paolantonio claims that the government is trying to shut down the exchange of ideas and information.

“If you were doing a blueprint for a corrupt country, for a dictatorship, the first thing you would do is criminalize the exchange of information and try to put limits on the freedom of the press.”

If you’re interested in seeing this former Inquirer political reporter turned ESPN correspondent, tonight is your chance.

Room 14, Belllarmine Hall
St. Joseph’s University
5600 City Line Avenue
Philadelphia, PA

Saint Joe’s, YAWN

Well, I am back from vacation and tomorrow is my first day of class for the fall semester. This will be my third semester at Saint Joseph’s University and I still feel the same way about the school as I did when I started. It is totally boring! Now, the education is recognized around the world but the campus is like a creepy movie. There are statues of Saints everywhere. The halls of the school are filled with church pews and biblical paintings. I know I know, you may think I’m over exaggerating here but really, I’m not. Sometimes I feel like one of the statues may jump out and grab me! I attended Catholic school the majority of my life, so you think I would be use to it by now. I’m just a city girl attending a school that lacks life and culture. I can honestly say, out of all the schools in the city. This one gets a great big YAWN from me.

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