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How good does that look?


I have a confession to make. It’s one that sets me up to be the subject of mockery so I don’t often admit it.

I love Rachael Ray.

She’s the kind of celebrity that either inspires great feelings of affection or of hatred and I fall firmly on the side of affection. I know may others though, who don’t share my ardor.

She made an appearance in Center City a couple of years ago, and I missed finding out about by hours. This time, I won’t be so unlucky. That’s because Rachael will be signing copies of new book at Barnes and Noble off Rittenhouse Square tomorrow from 1-3 pm.

I think I must go.

six degrees of jay v

i’m sure that you have some sort of second-degree or less connection to kevin bacon. but darnit if i’m just so excited to be two degrees from people like bruce willis, madonna and howard stern. all thanks to a guy i happened to do a play with almost twenty years ago.

how ’bout you? what’s your connection to the great actor from philly?

Looking for a Mansion


If you have a spare $1.5 million and are looking for a new house, Patti LaBelle has put her Wynnewood mansion up for sale. The house has 4 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms and a half bath. It also has an indoor pool (featured in the picture) that looks to be the size of the house. The house is approximately 86 years old and has appeared on “MTV Cribs” as well as the set of LaBelle’s own cooking show. A little to small for what I am looking for so I am officially pulling myself out of the running of buying this house and I don’t have $1.5 million so it was never really on my radar.

Feel the Burn

One of my guilt pleasure reads while I was growing up was Jane Fonda’s Workout Book. I don’t know exactly why I found it so fascinating, but I must have read that thing 10 or 12 times. At this point, you’re probably wondering why on earth I’m talking about Jane Fonda. Well, apparently, she’s making an appearance at the Penn bookstore this Thursday (April 20) from 12:30-2:00 pm to promote her new book, “My Life So Far” (real original title there). So, if you too have a secret love of Jane Fonda, or are just curious to catch a glimpse of an Oscar winner in person, here’s your chance.

Fire In The Hole!

The story starts here at the Hot Sauce Blog. Last December, a guy named Chris dropped the blog a line to mention a new hot sauce on the market: Fire In The Hole. The astute among us will recognize that hot sauce as being the official Preston & Steve hot sauce.

The sauce got a quick mention and that was that. Until a Hot Sauce Collector’s Corner post in early February that said:

Preston & Steve’s Fire in the Hole Hot Sauce – Signed
In the first Collector’s Corner, Chris was kind enough to tell us about the Fire in the Hole Hot Sauce made by WMMR. Here’s the latest from Chris:
I made it to the radio station today and the met the WMMR morning crew. All of them signed a bottle for me. Maybe not a big deal, but I believe its the only signed bottle in existence. Most people wouldn’t find that exciting or special except for the true sauce collectors that frequent the HSB. I can send you a pic if you wish and maybe put it up? I hung around for about 40 minutes, but did not get to plug the blog on air. They had too much to get through on their show. Not to pester you; I had to tell someone who would really care. (the loyal chileheads on the HSB). ~ Chris

This one happened to catch my eye so I snagged Chris in the comments and got his permission to stick his story here, on the MetBlog. In the comments, Chris also mentioned how he went about getting the signed bottle in a little more detail:

Like I said, it was pretty cool of Preston to do this for me. I mentioned to him (e-mail) that their sauce was on Hot Sauce Blog. Preston thought that was pretty cool and checked out HSB.

A couple of weeks went by and I sent him another mail asking if he could sign and send me a bottle of their sauce. He said stop by one morning. I made arrangements and next thing I knew, I was there picking up my signed bottle. Awesome, and as the listeners of Preston and Steve would say:
“You Guys Rock!”

I’m honestly not even sure why I care except Cory natters on so much about Preston & Steve that I have an automatic mental filter to pick up any P&S info for the passing along.

I will say, this shows that Preston & Steve are pretty cool guys when it comes to their fans, and they seem to be pretty interested in being involved with Philly and their Philly listeners so A+ for that. Why not check out WMMR (93.3 FM) and give Preston & Steve a week? They stream live every weekday morning from 6a to 10a, plus they have podcasts available here for no charge, just pure pleasure.

D’You Think He’ll Come Back to See King Tut Next Mother’s Day?

From Sunday’s Inqlings column:

Rocker Tommy Lee’s idea of a Valentine’s Day outing was a trip to the “Body Worlds” exhibit at the Franklin Institute before a Mötley Crüe show that night in Wilkes-Barre. Supposedly, he particularly enjoyed the plastinate figure adorned with tattoos – logical because he is inked from head to toe. He signed the guest book: “Wow! I’m Speechless! Love [with a drawn heart] Tommy Lee.”

I heard he was downstairs that afternoon, but I resisted the urge to go down and gawk. One of my coworkers did it for me, very subtly.

E-stalker makes good with minor e-fame.

Please. Allow me some meta space here. Because we have a local celeb climber on our hands in Mr. Brady Hicks.

I’ve met Brady. He’s a little strange, but a really nice guy. Really nice. Does normal things like adoring his cute girlfriend (fellow writer, Jeannette Ryder) and teasing his old friends (fellow writers Jay V and Kariyanine). He eats beef sometimes and laughs with a smile.

Which leaves me sort scratching my head as to why he e-stalked Dorothy Krysiuk. (See it here, here, here, and here.) I mean, yes, my partner has a crush on her, too. Yes, we have watched the news on dates to catch a glimpse of the lovely lady herself. But why the hell should anyone e-stalk her for the MetBlog?

Doesn’t matter. I can’t answer that question. This little experiment sprung from the depths of Brady’s twisted mind. More power to him. And D-Mac of Philadelphia Will Do noticed Brady’s obsession experiment and left us with these notes:

“Some of you might mock this. But, to me, this is the best example of the Philadelphia pseudo-celebrity I’ve ever seen. A guy in L.A. has 30 days and $1100 to meet Drew Barrymore, legit movie actress. A guy in Philly? Well, 30 days and the cost of his internet connection to meet Dorothy Krysiuk.”

Yeah. Brady did something right. And I’m sorta digging it.

Read D-Mac’s full post here and stay tuned here from Brady’s continuing e-stalking. (I’ve heard rumours of this experiment expanding to new targets with bigger and better goals on the horizon over 2006.)


What made it fun was the fact that I was in South Philly with three friends I knew since high school, and a Marisa, and a Suzanne. We were all tucked away in the back of the New Wave Caf

Copy and paste

Am I the only one who thinks that Nick Cage has finally hit a rut, re: movie posters?

You’d be surprised how similar these two posters look when viewed on SEPTA nary a month apart.

Celebrity Sighting!!!

Monday afternoon, I stopped into the Trader Joe’s at 22nd and Market after work. I zipped around the store, filling my basket with some necessities (coffee, cereal, bananas and milk). As I approached the registers, I made accidental eye contact with a guy standing in line. He looked to be my mom’s age (baby boomer) and he was so familiar that I looked again. He could have been a twin to my Uncle Andy (mostly because they are both hairy, Jewish men). Then I realized why I knew him.

When I was a middle schooler in Portland, OR, I would rush home every day to watch Furniture to Go TLC staring these guys. It was my favorite show (okay, so I’m a little weird) and I loved learning about furniture repair and refurbishment, especially from guys who sounded like my mom and her brothers.

Once I figured out that it was Ed Feldman, standing in line a check stand over from me, my cheeks got red, and I called my mom. She told me I should say something, but I just couldn’t. I think that he knew I recognized him, too. Now I realize I should have said something, because he probably would have gotten a kick out of being recognized by someone who thought he was cool during her pre-teen years in Portland, OR.

So Ed, if this blog post somehow gets your attention, I just want to say, your show rocked! Thanks!

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