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Blocked sidewalks

Walking to work today, I’ve finally had it. A bee in my bonnet, or “a wild hair,” as my sister says. I am officially vexed. Here’s the problem: I walk up S. 2nd Street to work, and there is constant blocking of the sidewalk by construction sites. First, I walk on the west side of the street, then I must cross to the east side, if I don’t want to have to walk in the street, then I must cross to the west, then east, then west again! This is all in a 6-block range. Yes, I know, I could walk to work another way, but this is the most direct. When will the city impose the raised scaffolding rule for construction sites that block the sidewalk?? I have read about such a proposal in the last half year, but have yet to see any changes. (Market Street at the new Jewish Museum is the same problem, and I see people just walking into traffic there all the time.) I’m sure this problem is everywhere in the city. Please let me know if you have any news on the proposed rules. Though our city could be an incredibly walkable city, they sure don’t make it easy or safe for pedestrians (and bikers, for that matter).

Can we get the 64 suckiest things about Philadelphia?

The LA Metblog has a great idea that we are totally stealing, because it’s just that awesome:

A drop-down drag-out no-holds-barred fight to the finish to come up with the defining thing that is the worst in Philadelphia.

We’ll start with the top 64 things that we hate about the city, and in tournament style, narrow it down until we come up with number one. The comments are open to anything and everything you want to propose, from the smell at the 11th Street El station to the South Street onramp to the Schuylkill Expressway. The metblog authors will weed through the entries and come up the 64 best worst things to include in the tourney.

So what is it, Philadelphia? What do you hate about the city?

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