Expand The R2 Schedule, The Magic Voice, & Other SEPTA Musings

Oh, SEPTA. How I missed thee. Sure, people here may complain but – come on – could it get any better than riding a bus or a train or a subway and actually see OTHER people riding it, too?

Was on my personal favorite line today – the Market-Frankford Line. Boy that thing is fast. And reliable. And really, really convenient. Looks like they’re running every 6 minutes instead of every 10 or so like they used to during the weekday off-peak-or-am-I-just-playing-hooky-from-work hours.

What I love best though, is the Magic Voice. You know – that computerized chick that tells you “Next Stop. Fifth Street. Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.” or “Next Stop. Second Street. Wheelchair Accessible.”

Sometimes I add stuff to what she’s saying in my head like “Next Stop. Spring Garden. For Bus 25 and A Way Safer Way To Get To Aramingo & Allegheny.” Or “Next Stop. Millbourne. Where The Fuck Is Millbourne?”

Anyhow, yeah, give it up for the El.

Could you awesome Philadelphians do me and my fellow Delaware Countarians a favor?

Go to this part of the SEPTA website and fill out the form. Let them know that they should expand not only the hours of the R2 – particularly on the weekends – but the damn 119 bus line as well.

Ever seen the R5? It has ridiculously convenient, expanded hours and it’s because people take it to go party at night. How come I either have to stay in the City until 5 in the morning OR cut out of events super early just so I can get the R2 to Delaware County in time to take the 119 home from Chester, whose last bus leaves at like 9:30 p.m.?

Not cool. People in my area like to go to the city, too. And SEPTA has done an excellent job expanding the hours of the 113. Too bad the closest 113 stop to my house is about a 60 to 90 minute walk from my house. That wouldn’t be so bad when it’s not negative 9 degrees outside.

Just like with the R5 running late, people will tell their friends: “Hey, friend! Don’t drive into the City..the R2 runs till 2 in the morning and you can take the 119 home after that!”

If people who live in the northern part of the County – like in Upper Darby – have the luxury of taking an overnight El shuttle to 69th street and late runing buses – why can’t us closer-to-actual-Delaware Delaware County peeps have that luxury?

It sure would be a damn good idea.

I’m just sayin’.

– AP

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