Hit The Bricks, Andy!

Yeah, the Eagles are doin’ pretty bad. We all know it and well hear it and it’s just part of being a Philadelphian.

After the Fightin’s won the World Series, I thought that we were going to see our other teams a bit energized and step it up. While it’s still far too early in the NBA and the NHL season to say whether or not the Sixers and the Flyers will be headed to the playoffs, it’s doubtful that the Eagles are going to be bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Philly this year.

Everyone’s saying it’s time for Andy (and Donovan McNabb) to hit the bricks. McNabb has been playing poorly but I’m sure he’ll just pull a Randall Cunningham and go to some other City and do well. It’s just what happens.

I’m certain, though, that it’s time to fire Andy Reid. We don’t let coaches go this long without winning. And yeah, he’s won…but we’re tired of “just getting to the playoffs”. We want another parade – this time a sea of Green. There’s already a few names being thrown around by Philly sports fans. Some people just want to simply tell Andy he’s through and promote Marty Mornhinweg to head coach. Another name that’s popular for people to toss around is Bill Cowher.

If I were owner Jeffrey Lurie, I’d find out about someone who I think would be a perfect fit for the Iggles:

Pete Mother F’n Carroll.

Otherwise known as “Big Balls Pete”, I think he’d not only fit perfectly into the area and a place starving for a Championship – but he wouldn’t be the guy calling the “hey, let’s air it out on 3rd and 1” kinda plays.

Wikipedia sez:

Carroll has been approached regarding vacant head coach positions in the NFL every year since 2002. Carroll has hesitated to return to the NFL after his previous experiences, and his return would likely rest on control over personnel matters at a level unprecedented in the league. He has insisted over the years that he is happy at USC and that money is not an issue; he also enjoys the Southern California lifestyle.

I’m fine with the complete control. Fire at will if it’s gonna win us a Super Bowl. The Southern California Lifestyle? Hey – I’m a huge USC fan (99% because I love Pete Carroll’s coaching and would most likely be a closeted fan for whatever NFL team he were to become a head coach of..) – but, as GOB would say, COME ON!

We’re where history is from. We have mountains, the beach, actual seasons, better pizza, and Dawn Stensland. Traffic is WAY less of a nightmare here. A lot of stuff is still in English. New York City and Washington D.C. aren’t that far away (but they’re not as cool, either). Our sports fans are actually passionate – not people who are hipster fair-weather fans that only come to your college games because it’s a “cool thing to do”. Have you been to the LA Coliseum? I’d trade in low-low’s and airbrushed Virgin Mary t-shirts for tailgating in 20 degree weather any day.

Yeah, I guess it would take a lot for him to leave USC. A hell of a lot of cash (I don’t care what Wikipedia says). And he could buy an even more ridiculous house for a way cheaper price somewhere in South Jersey.

Doesn’t look like he’s had a few boxes of Tastykakes before the game, does he?

He actually tries to be a part of the team. It’s almost like he’s the 12th man on the field. Pete regularly participates in team practices – and by participates – I mean actually RUNNING sprints with the players and stuff. Andy Reid is too busy figuring out where to add a double cheeseburger on his lunch menu of a play book. I guess he doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of Dick Vermeil and advertise health care.

Like Ted DiBiase said, everbody’s got a price.

Plus, win us a Lombardi Trophy, and they’d replace William Penn with a statue of him.

We Want Pete. And by we, I mean I.

Be seeing you,

– AP

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