Prop 8 rallies nationwide this Saturday 11/15

Many of you may or may not know about Prop 8, the California ballot proposition that passed in the recent election. Basically, Prop 8 amended that state’s constitution to strictly define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Same-sex marriages will not be valid or recognized by California. In fact, Pennsylvania is another state that also defines marriage as between one man and one woman, and will not recognize anything else.

This Saturday, across the country, protest rallies will be held to repeal Prop 8. The Philadelphia rally will be held at Dilworth Plaza at City Hall, starting at 1:30pm. Join the Impact is hosting the event, and you can share the info or RSVP for the rally through the Facebook group.

On a personal note, I am totally against marriage bans of any sort, and believe it would be a lot easier to completely change the way “marriage” is perceived instead of writing laws allowing or banning one thing or another. I think of marriage as a personal, religious, or spiritual title, that is altogether separate from civil unions. If two people—male, female, or otherwise—want to enter into a legal union, who are we to stop them? It would be unconstitutional.

But then, that’s the beauty of the peaceful protest! If you don’t like the way something is done (or not done) then work to change it!

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  1. Joe Smith (aaronproctor) on November 17th, 2008 @ 4:58 pm

    I’m most certainly not against gays wanting to get married or gay people at all. Two dudes or two chicks wanting to get married doesn’t affect me in any way. Unless it’s two hot chicks, but that affects me in a good way, and that’s a story for another time.

    I, though, have always been a proponent of state’s rights on most issues. So I’ve got no beef with the state I lived (/wasted time in) for 8 years. Especially one that like to turn things over after people already voted on it and majorities won. (Like Proposition 187, the "let’s stop giving illegal immigrants money" prop that passed only to be overturned by the California Supreme Court – which begs the question – "What the fuck is the point of ballot referrendum voting?!!")

    I’m going to have to agree with you about changing marriage around a little bit.

    Let’s just get the government out of marriage. Have it be a ceremony you have on your own, etc. Do you really need a license or a tax break or a piece of paper or permission from whomever if you love someone? Nahh. I’m not a fan of the IRS either, so get rid of the IRS….so it wouldn’t even have to change your tax status or anything like that.

    That way, the government can worry about more important things like protecting us from people who want to harm us. Like Al Qaeda and North Korea and the person who popularized the abbreviation "BFF".

    The protests are kind of making me laugh, though. People are protesting at churches and things and mad at the Mormons, for example, who funded the huge ad campaign in California in favor of banning same-sex marriages.

    I dunno..maybe I’m just not that smart..but wouldn’t you be more angry at the people who VOTED yes than the people who funded the advertising campaign? Sure, the Mormons pumped $x.00 into the ad campaign, but they didn’t take anyone’s hand and make them physically punch "Yes" on the silly ink-a-vote systems that the Golden State has.

    And if you look at that, the protestors/liberals/the only people who don’t skip Logo when channel surfing/whatever would have a huge problem on their hands. Since it turns out that a bunch of the Yes on Prop 8 votes were from a lot of African American and Mexican first-time voters who came out to vote for Obama. I’m not saying people should be showing up at a random black guy’s house and protesting – I’m just saying that the finger-pointing isn’t in the scienftically correct direction.

    So, shifting the blame to someone who funded the ad campaign whether than the people who accidentally voted on it is kinda silly in my book. Hell…maybe instead of protesting, someone should be thinking of a way to educate these communities that gay people aren’t a disease or something. But that requires much more energy than to hold a sign and yell profanity at an old lady.

    (I do not endorse or am not suggestion discrimination against or toward any group for what they voted on, that’s their American right, by the way).

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