Morning bike rant

Here we go! I got the beep today, while riding my bike to work. It wasn’t much, but is enough to set me off.

Yes, I was in the middle of the road. Yes, I am there so that drivers of motorized vehicles and non-motorized vehicles see me. No, I am not putting myself there to be an obstacle to you, rude car driver. I am following the rules and getting to work, just as you are. I’m trying to do it safely. Buzz off. Look out for other drivers. There are thousands of bikers in Philly! I wish I had statistics on them.

Last week, my friend with a beautiful smile was “doored.” She was wearing her helmet, as all bikers should be, and still suffered a concussion, and has a nasty scab on her chin and up the front of her face. She is lucky that it wasn’t worse. I’m so glad her teeth weren’t ruined! Perhaps the driver should have looked before opening the door. Shouldn’t he have been looking, in case a car was coming his way? What if it had been a car?

This is just my little plea for drivers in Philly to watch out for the bikers (and pedestrians, for that matter). I know, I know – it works both ways. Bikers – wear helmets. Follow the rules. Get off the sidewalks! Go the correct way on a one-way street. Make drivers aware that you are on the road, too. Here are some links: for prescribed “safer” routes in the city and the Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver’s Manual.

In a city that is trying to start a bike-share program, don’t you think we should make it safer for bikers? (I’m talking to you, city government and law enforcement officers!) On top of that, I recently heard that Philadelphia is number one for bike thefts. Let’s change this! My friend who just returned from Japan said that there is so much respect there, you don’t even have to lock your bike. How about implementing this?

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