Rollins to the DL and Grande to the plate!

Those big storm clouds starting to creep over Philly are bringing some bad news with the potential rains and whip-cracks of lightning that are expected.

No, it has nothing to do with the Primary.

It has to do with the Fightin’ Phils and JRoooll headed to the Disabled List after already missing the past several games with a bum ankle. It is hard to say what is more heart-breaking- JRoooll being out longer or Eric Bruntlett sticking around longer? Tough call.

The Mets look to polish off a tasty three game sweep of the only occasionally Fightin’ Phils tonight at 8pm. The Not-So-Fightin’ Phils have looked worse over these past two games than even Team GFY did in the second game of their doubleheader today. Sloppy play and an incredible absence of any thing that even resembled hitting. GFY’s first game, their first win of the season, was a tense, up and down battle of emotions, wits, brains, and shows of brute force. Big White Inc. made a strong case for game MVP, displaying Pedro Feliz-like fielding abilities at third and some vintage Ryan Howard big bobbin’ bombs at the plate…

…and speaking of Ryan Howard, formerly of the Big Ry Money Grab and now currently of I left my wallet and bat in El Segundo, he is going to potentially demolish the record he set last year for most strikeouts by the All Star break, a break he probably won’t have because of the Subway commercials and the weekly long-bomb into the left field bleachers. My question is this Senator Clinton and Senator Obama- when is it okay to boo Howard in public? Because I’m just not sure. I was at the game on Friday, where Howard again displayed his unmatched ability to strike out in every possible way, and after one such strike out, I started booing. And while I was joined by a few other boo birds, there was a general feeling that I was doing something wrong. Like I was in Bush America and I said something wrong about freedom. But maybe I was talking about Freedom– the awesome Rage Against the Machine? Never-mind.

I feel very strongly that the time has come to boo Howard. And not vehemently, not automatically. I don’t think he deserves that. I just feel the time has come for us to really boo the man after he strikes out or makes a lazy, boneheaded play at first. I appreciate fully everything that Big Ry has done for the team. Thank you. But dude, that was totally like a few years ago and professional sports in this Bush America are a complete what-have-you-done-for-me-lately enterprise. And all Howard has done is make me stand up for no good reason, get my hopes up for no good reason, and make me watch Subway commercials for no good reason.

So let’s do it to it.

Giddy up!

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