Colbert in Philly and so much more!

Big news this week. Big news. Damn near gigantic news…and no, I am not only referring to the fact that Team GFY almost reached double digits in runs scored, as opposed to constantly allowed double digits in runs…I will get to that later.

No friends, the big news is the arrival of Stephen Colbert to Philly. Colbert’s show, The Colbert Report, will be broadcasting from good ol’ UPenn all this week. Last night’s guests included Mayor Nutter, Hardballer Chris Matthews, and a fat Ben Franklin manning the Election Center. Tonight, the Roots will be on, as well as Michelle Obama.

It’s no secret that Pennsylvania – at least for the next few days – is a crucial battleground for the Democratic Presidential Nomination and of course, the candidates, HillDogg and Obama are carefully watching the words and gearing their tired rhetoric to the good people of this equally good commonwealth. There is a rumor that HillDogg herself will be a guest of Colbert’s this week, unless imaginary sniper fire keeps her from attending. No word on Barack, because he’s obviously sipping Mai Tai’s at some exclusive country club, flipping through The Wall St Journal and watching cricket…you know, things those elitists dudes do.

Out in the suburbs Sunday, headed to GFY’s game, I kept one on the road and one eye out for said candidates, excepting them to be out there, picking up trash on the highway or browsing through a yard sale. But nope. Didn’t see anything except a kick ass, slow-pitch, softball performance by Team GFY. The Rocket looked strong, Knifefight and Screamin’ Pervez were no shows, and while the left side of the infield (manned by GFY’s own Ozzie and Jose) looked shaky due to an abandonment of the team’s staunch 48 minute rule, contributions were made by the entire team…including Mets Fan Matt, on loan from the great state of Minnesota.

It was a doubleheader! Completely unexpected…GFY lost both games, but not their hearts, their souls, and their lunches. I mean, one team had a Flying Bison on it and one team had a dude that looked like Squints from The Sandlot.Next week, GFY’s small ball approach to the game will be tested against…someone. It seems as if no one actually knows the schedule. But it’s on Sunday…

…and Sunday is only a few days after Wednesday, when forecasters are predicting the start of a nice string of good springtime weather. The Astros are in town for a few days, the Sixers are fighting for a playoff berth that will look kind of respectable after they ultimately get swept, and the Flyers are fighting the legitimate future of hockey.

Good times, good times.

Happy Tuesday…now let’s play two!

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