That summertime feeling might be here!

It literally just happened.

I just had the rush, baby! The sweet and beautiful rush of summer. And as I just wrote that sentence, a whiff of a grille going, floated through my window…but it could just be Stoney’s running shoes. But regardless, it just happened and I feel incredible right now, just a hair south of absolutely amazing. Last night’s Phils’ game is what possibly got it started. It’s too early to tell.

It had all the makings of a killer summer night. There was the humidity, the dead lifeless air hanging over the city, and on the deck, enjoying a Gin & Tonic, I watched as heavy-lookin’ clouds started surrounding Philly. On the other side of Center City, the Phillies/Cubs game got underway and boom…two quick homers by the Cubbies and the rain clouds coming closer and closer…hold ’em tight, smoke ’em down, knock those crazy good times down because two storms…oh and the Flyers’ game…it’s all coming down now. It’s all happening, Corporate Grande says.

Ludino’s text only said go flyers and I switched over to the game – a tied game, 4-4, against the Washington Capitals. But no, the Phils’ game was just too good to pass up. Even episodes of Arrested Development would have to wait until later…so G.O.B.. Brett Myers was unbelievable. Literally. Around the end of the top of the 7th, I just didn’t believe what I was seeing. There was no fifth inning breakdown or any breakdown for that matter. Break-dancin’? No doubt they should have been up in those high, sweaty bleachers – a good, clear view of the soggy madness creeping up the Interstate.

Pat Burrell hit a dart of a homer and I decided that I will cheer for Geoff Jenkins. He’s gritty, old school. Sure, The Force That is Chaseis gritty as well. And so is Jables Cash and Eddy’s Ice Cream of Team GFY. But Chase is also an amazing ball player and Cash and Ice Cream play slow-pitch softball out in the ‘burbs. But Jenkins’ toughness is endearing. And his helmet is always crooked when he’s up and I think that makes him look pretty cool. ARod would never do that. JRoooll wouldn’t even do that and that dude does everything right!

And maybe two minutes after new closer Brad Lidge closed out the game for the Fightin’ Phils, the rain came down. It came down with the kind of ferocity that would make you think that Mother Nature might be a Cubbies fan and like Cubs’ pitcher Carlos Zambrano, might have quite the firey temper.

We don’t need her anyways!

We’ve got Eric “Give me a few games to settle down” Bruntlett, and Barack and Hill Dogg roaming the streets of this commonwealth. So take that, Mother Nature!

But will the weather hold up tomorrow? Will Team GFY be able to play and possibly score four or even five runs? Or will the rains make us all stay inside and watch the Master’s so we all have something to talk to my Gram about tomorrow night when we call her to talk about Tiger Woods?

Only time will tell. But regardless, the rush of summertime is runnin’ through my veins…cruisin’ on through like one of E Rocket’s slow-pitch, perfectly arched, kinda-fastball.

Good times!

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