Don’t worry, JRoooll is okay…

…and I was just coming back from Home Depot when the Phillies game came back from a commercial break.

“And there is still no word on Jimmy Rollins and his injury,” the announcer said.

I nearly drove off the road, but instead didn’t…no I drove safely. And after parking The Blazer, I texted Big while walking up to Honey’s for French Toast….JRoll is injured!!! Check the web, need info now!!!…and the French Toast was like always, delicious.

And JRoooll, well he’s fine. It was just a pesky sprained ankle, and luckily, served as nothing more than a footnote in the Phillies’ come from behind win over the Mets today, the last home opener for Shea Stadium. After the game, there was no limping or hobbling or lolli-gagging.

So it seems like things are okay.

The Fightin’ Phils split the series with the Reds, and at times, showed some signs of life – some signs of a winning baseball club, signs similar to the signs Team GFY showed in their heart-breaking loss to Blacked Out Sunday, on a rumpled and crumpled, damp spring day out by what I think was Conshohocken – outside the city is the greatest mystery I have ever faced, I never know where I am. But this week, there was at least some offense and GFY scraped up 3 runs, which meant that when Blacked Out reached 13 in again, the 5th inning, the game was over.

“Some day that team will actually finish a game,” a small boy said later, at the bar nearby, where other weekend warriors gathered for cheap domestics and 25 cent wings.

Some day.

But on Wednesday, the Phillies play the Mets again and we might actually see some sun here in sunny Philadelphia. Those heavy clouds looming over the city have long over-stayed their welcome and come on now…baseball! softball! protests of the Olympics…

 All the signs are there, baby!

Bring on summer!

– Kudos to everyone who participated in the Philly Clean Up last week. Double kudos to those who did so while wearing an orange safety vest…safety first!

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