Cameroon Pet Scams – Hits Close to Home

Throughout the past year, I have been searching the internet, doing some research, and trying my best to find a four-legged friend to become the latest edition to my household. I searched Craigslist, google, rescue groups – anything and everything, I searched it.

I came across numerous faux ads (mostly on Craigslist) offering highly desirable pooch breeds for a nominal fee. The ad goes up – not stating a thing about where the dog is located. The picture is cute – so you write to this anonymous person. A day or so goes by and you receive a reply. Let me tell you – these scammers are getting awfully creative all the while their English is getting worse. One person said they are in the Peace Corps and they aren’t home enough to take care of their dog. Another said they travel a lot for business. I never knew so many worldly deceivers congregated in this tiny coutry in West Africa.

I went back on Craigslist – like so many upset pet lovers do – and posted a warning. That lasted all of one hour. These creeps patrol the site – flagging any post that brings light to their scam.

No matter how many warnings are posted on the internet, people keep falling for the same tricks – losing money and hope that they will ever find the right pet for them. The Cameroon puppy scammers are continuing to operate their “businesses” and cheat people out of their money.

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