Idiocy – it’s a Disease

I suppose it’s a growing trend today for some people – profiting from naïve youth, padding your pockets without a care in the world and not thinking twice about it. The problem: a dangerously flawed reasoning process.

Promoters, attendees and djs claim that many people do not understand the rave culture. What’s there to understand? Most people that attend these parties are under the age of 21, high on something all the while their parents/guardians/etc. are sitting at home (or out, I won’t speculate all attendees even have a stable home environment) without a clue as to what their offspring are doing. P.L.U.R.? Really? For those who don’t know raver speak, P.L.U.R. stands for, “Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.” I suppose that when you are under the influence of illegal substances, there is a fabricated sense of peace and possibly of love – and if everyone’s on drugs, well, that’s unity, right? But respect? My friends, there is NO respect in this culture (if you want to call it that).

Those involved in the culture claim that rave parties do not promote drug use. These parties go until 6am. What does it take to continue on dancing and promoting P.L.U.R. until 6am? Drugs. Not just good beats, man. Recently, NBC 10 ran a story regarding raves that took place after hours, on weekends in a charter school basement in West Philadelphia. Promoter Mickey Fronick or Tru Skool Productions claims his heart is in the right place. All the while, he also does not deny the use of illicit substances by underage minors and of age attendees. Question: why is this man not in jail? I applaud NBC 10 in their investigation. However, I am doubtful that much – if anything – will change.

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  1. henrykauffman on April 3rd, 2008 @ 5:05 pm

    For some kids I’m sure they go to dance and socialize. Let’s be honest though. The drugs are integrated into the culture.

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