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And then the weekend…

As we swing into May, rumored month of flowers, here comes a jam-packed weekend. On my possible agenda, we start with First Friday (also cheesesteak Friday, in some parts). Saturday, animal lovers can stroll up to PAWS (2nd and Arch) around half-past-noon and check out the “Voices of the Phillies”, where you can meet the broadcasters and announcers for autographs and photos. They’ll be accepting your donations for pets that need adoption. With your donation of money or one of the items on their list, you run the risk of winning Phillies prizes! There’s gonna be more pushin’ and shovin’ Philly Roller Girls at the Sportsplex in NE Philly (5 p.m.). Check the website for directions, ticket outlets, and more. A portion of the bout proceeds benefits Girls Rock Philly. After that, I was thinking about heading to see The Kills at Johnny Brenda’s.

Sunday, relaxation time. This is my favorite day. Headhouse Market re-opens for the season. I just found out that one of my favorite bands, Hoots and Hellmouth, will be playing for FREE at 10 a.m. Come stomp around with them!

Ministry of Secret Jokes

This Wednesday – stand-up jokey jokersons from the Ministry of Secret Jokes will be upstairs at Fergie’s Pub. 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. This show will be the last Wednesday of every month. It’s FREE! They advertise dancing bears, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I have a feeling they’re not serious. Let’s also hope Kent Haines “pretends” he’s from Alabama!


I had a Friday afternoon off, so I decided to take Violet, my bike, for a trip up to Girard Ave. and check out this new little store, just north of Old City. It was adorable! Reverie: Merchants of Vintage Goods (205 W. Girard Ave.) had plenty of the “used-but-in-nice-condition” clothes that you may be searching for. Cute little shoes, clothes, knickknacks, jewelry, furniture, and old things in general. I searched carefully for the correct way to spend the $30 that was burning a whole in my pocket, and came up with some lovely dangly, dainty, yet interesting earrings. They also let me lock my bike to their railing. Hours: Friday 4:30-7, Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-6, and second Thursdays.


Some people say they’ve got the blues. I’ve got the greens. No only have I realized that I look good in bright green lately, but I’ve also noticed that Philadelphia and this country is finally realizing, hopefully not too late, that we need to go “green.” This is a bandwagon I am happy to jump on. There are so many ways you can reduce your negative environmental impact. As I’m watching “Today,” which is showing me numerous ways you can go green, I get a message from a friend about LocalHarvest, an organization who is educating the masses on how you can learn about and buy locally grown food products. (The Ethicurean is also good!) I started with a lightbulb change (incandescent to compace flourescent). Now I try as hard as possible not to use plastic bags. I’m currently using a tote bag, a granny cart (I’ll be pimping this soon), and reusing bags I already have.

Selling my car was a big decision, but how often did I really need it? If you live and work in the city, why not join Philly CarShare? This May, they’ll be sponsoring a challenge for you Philadelphia drivers to find alternative ways to get around. You can win a bike! (Please don’t ride it on the sidewalk)!

I was out of town after the Philly Spring Clean-up, but have found the results of the largest United States cleaning day in history. This Nutter’s on to something! All major goals were surpassed. Look out for future clean-ups. Here’s a beautifying event, sponsored by Greater Philadelphia Cares.

One final note: Keep your eyes peeled for GreenFest Philly, held on South Street. I haven’t been able to find the date of the event yet, but check back for updates! (September-ish)

Go Big or Go Home: A Phils’ fan behind enemy lines…

Tonight friends, I saw where the enemy sleeps.

In DC for the night- slingin’ some business, living the dream in our Nation’s Capital. Victor was able to hook me up with a ticket for tonight’s game- the Nats and the Mets at the brand spankin’ new Nationals Park. The rub was that I hate both teams. The conudrum then was simple. Who do I cheer for? What’s a Phils’ fan supposed to do so deep in Enemy Terriority?

Cheer for a no contest?
Try and stop the game in the eighth?
Give up and stay at the hotel, totally satisfied because the DaVinci Code is on?

The seats were good, player’s seats. But sittin’ behind home plate was like watching a baseball game sitting on the floor of a T.G.I. Friday’s. It was complete chaos, ushers running from one side to the other side, a big security guard encouraging me to move up because the row I was in- the one I was supposed to be in- was his running aisle, and a dude and his wife and their pet you monkey who was of course, a huge Ryan Zimmerman fan.

There is no denying that Nationals Park is a heck of a ballpark. No way dude, it’s pretty cool. The parking is a little frustrating, but walking through the concourse, it feels exactly like the Bizzare-o version of RFK Stadium, where the Nats had been cellar-dwellling for the past few years. It actually feels a little like Disney World and the people walking by, seemed more like tourists than fans. I had been surprised when the Mets were in Philly a few weeks ago, at how many Mets fans were at the games. Well there were even more at the game tonight- my favorite was the dude in the vintage ’86 Strawberry Mets’ jersey. But there were also a lot of Red Sox fans and some Yankees’ fans and the nasal-voiced dingbat behind me grew up as an A’s fan.

Plenty of Nats’ fans, though. They were mostly all wearing Zimmerman shirts. A pudgy little dude in high-water jeans outside looked pretty stoked in his Lastings Milledge shirt and I couldn’t help but notice a good amount of ladies of all shapes and sizes sporting Nick Johnson shirts.

But then, what was a Phils’ fan supposed to at Nationals Park? There were no Phillies’ shirts to be seen and because Victor had hooked me up with the tickets and because they were players’ tickets, I couldn’t bring myself to wear my Phils’ hat. I thought about when I was looking around for an ATM to pay for parking. But after 20 minutes of looking for an ATM, the only one outside is at the Center Fileld gate – Poor Ryno was parked a few blocks behind homeplate – I said no, couldn’t wear the hat. I would not be that guy. I was already going to be the guy sitting by himself, I would not be the guy sitting by himself in the Phillies’ hat.

I didn’t have the energy.

So Ryno the Phillies fan left after the fifth inning, the Mets leading 3-2. An inning later Cruz of the Nats would hit a Grand Slam. Them’s the breaks for a Phillies fan, no free rides in America. Especially not on weekdays.

Pulling into the HoJo parking lot, I swung the 350 a little too wide- taking out a couple of the stones in the parking lot. These trucks don’t have the best turning radius, I told the security guard who came out to inspect, to see what this crazy bastard from Utah was up too. Apparently the damage was enough to involve paperwork, this frustrated me. It frustrated me more than when I got to the game, and all the lines for food were way too long. It frustrated more than when GPS told me to make all these quick turns and I was like, dude, the turning radius’ on these trucks are not the best! And it frustrated me more than I am right now, watching the DaVinci Code in a dirty HoJo outside of DC.

The dream lives on, the Flyers lost, and I’m glad Citizens Bank Park doesn’t feel like air conditioning. Now get me out of this District before I do any more damage to shotty hotel parking lots!

Photo of the Day

wonderful neon and a nostalgic diner: The Trolley Car on Germantown Avenue. trolley-car-diner.jpg

Photo by Brooklyn Bridge Baby in the Metroblogging Philly Flickr pool.

Senator Clinton Wins PA Primary, Farnese Wins 1st District Senate Seat

In one of the most exciting primary elections in recent history, Senator Clinton (NY) takes the PA primary with a 10 point lead over Senator Obama (IL).

While Obama overwhelmingly won the support of Philadelphians (65% to Clinton’s 35%), Clinton proved that she is the clear choice for Pennsylvanians state-wide. Being a huge supporter of Senator Clinton, I listened intently to her victory speech last night. She said one thing that really stuck in my mind (not verbatim), “…I’ve seen parent’s with their daughters saying – See? You can be anything you want to be.”

On an even more local level, Larry Farnese won the 1st District Senate Seat – proudly representing South Philadelphia. While I voted for Anne Dicker, I was very satisfied that union boss John Dougherty did not clinch the victory. Dougherty also “killed” more trees then Farnese and Dicker – and if anyone knows, I am all about greening South Philadelphia.

Are you an EATER? April 30-May 7

Here’s 8 Days of Eats, which I’ve seen on flyers around South Street on my walk to and from work. Looks like South Street and Headhouse Square will be presenting some tasty deals on some affordable foods. $30 specials! More than 40 restaurants and eateries will be participating. I don’t know about you, but I love eating, and I’m not sure where to start. There’s XoChitl (you must have the margarita), Kildares, Django, Artful Dodger, Bistro Romano (ask for the wine cellar table, but wear a sweater – very romantic), Pad Thai…

There’s a kick-off party, as well, in Headhouse Square (2nd and Lombard): April 29, 7-9 p.m., including menu sampling and refreshments for $10 per person.

p.s. Wednesdays, parking is free! Chow down!

Clinton x3 Tonight

For anyone interested, Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton will host a “Solutions for Pennsylvania” Rally tonight from 8-11 pm on Penn Campus. For more information and to RSVP visit:

Rollins to the DL and Grande to the plate!

Those big storm clouds starting to creep over Philly are bringing some bad news with the potential rains and whip-cracks of lightning that are expected.

No, it has nothing to do with the Primary.

It has to do with the Fightin’ Phils and JRoooll headed to the Disabled List after already missing the past several games with a bum ankle. It is hard to say what is more heart-breaking- JRoooll being out longer or Eric Bruntlett sticking around longer? Tough call.

The Mets look to polish off a tasty three game sweep of the only occasionally Fightin’ Phils tonight at 8pm. The Not-So-Fightin’ Phils have looked worse over these past two games than even Team GFY did in the second game of their doubleheader today. Sloppy play and an incredible absence of any thing that even resembled hitting. GFY’s first game, their first win of the season, was a tense, up and down battle of emotions, wits, brains, and shows of brute force. Big White Inc. made a strong case for game MVP, displaying Pedro Feliz-like fielding abilities at third and some vintage Ryan Howard big bobbin’ bombs at the plate…

…and speaking of Ryan Howard, formerly of the Big Ry Money Grab and now currently of I left my wallet and bat in El Segundo, he is going to potentially demolish the record he set last year for most strikeouts by the All Star break, a break he probably won’t have because of the Subway commercials and the weekly long-bomb into the left field bleachers. My question is this Senator Clinton and Senator Obama- when is it okay to boo Howard in public? Because I’m just not sure. I was at the game on Friday, where Howard again displayed his unmatched ability to strike out in every possible way, and after one such strike out, I started booing. And while I was joined by a few other boo birds, there was a general feeling that I was doing something wrong. Like I was in Bush America and I said something wrong about freedom. But maybe I was talking about Freedom– the awesome Rage Against the Machine? Never-mind.

I feel very strongly that the time has come to boo Howard. And not vehemently, not automatically. I don’t think he deserves that. I just feel the time has come for us to really boo the man after he strikes out or makes a lazy, boneheaded play at first. I appreciate fully everything that Big Ry has done for the team. Thank you. But dude, that was totally like a few years ago and professional sports in this Bush America are a complete what-have-you-done-for-me-lately enterprise. And all Howard has done is make me stand up for no good reason, get my hopes up for no good reason, and make me watch Subway commercials for no good reason.

So let’s do it to it.

Giddy up!

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