Obama for Pop Culture Icon!

Are you ready?

Are you?

Are you ready for Barack Obama – pop culture icon?

If your not, then that’s tough business for you because it’s in the process of happening right NOW. See the new posters at all the bus stops around the city, a rough, gray-toned drawing of Obama with a single word describing his campaign.



“Kick Assness”

It’s a bold move by the Obama campaign if you were to ask this wandering dude. Are we to now assume that Senator Obama from Illinois has reached that status of celebrity where no name is needed? I think of pictures of Martin Luther King Jr., Che Guerra, Britney Spears, where the name of the person is arbitrary because we already know who it is.  Is that Obama now? Is he beyond a name now? A few months ago most of the country only knew the name “Barack Obama.” Now I suppose everyone not only knows his name, but his face as well.

So that’s that. Barack might not be President, but he’s a pop culture icon. So he’s got that going for him…which is nice…and probably more profitable.


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