Stay Away Veg*ns: Diner on the Plaza

I spent last Saturday in South Philly, walking around IKEA with my mother while waiting for my car at Strauss. No problems there! Why don’t I treat everyone to dinner? My family suggested the Diner on the Plaza (formerly known as the Dynasty Inn) at Snyder Plaza, and as my father opened the door for us, my mother asked me if I’d be able to find something to eat. My brother and I snickered. It’s a diner, I said. Surely there’d be something for me to eat.

Famous last words.

I scoured the menu. Besides the house salad of iceberg lettuce with tomato, I thought I found the lone meatless entree: classic cheese ravioli in traditional tomato sauce. After asking the waitress what exactly the stuffed rigatoni was stuffed with, and not feeling satisfied by the answer, I settled on the ravioli.

I should have known it didn’t stand a chance. As I prepared to dig into my ravioli with a ferocious hunger, I noticed something as the fork neared my mouth. Ground meat in the sauce!

The menu said nothing, absolutely nothing, about meat in this entree. I called the waitress over and told her I didn’t know there would be meat in the sauce, that I was vegetarian and could I have another order without the sauce? She answered that I would then have to pay for both dinners, so instead of chucking it I asked her just to box it up and my brother would have it for lunch the next day.

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