Tickets from 85% of meters invalid

You just need to spend some time in court to fight them. For most people, it’s not worth the $26 to spend a day in court. The PPA will definitely be counting on this, now that the story is out.CBS 3 On Your Side reported on the amusing loophole invalidating tickets. According to Pennsylvania law, each meter must be properly inspected every three years. The Department of Licensing and Inspection (L&I) allocates exactly one employee to this task, resulting in less than 15% of all meters properly inspected.If you received a ticket at a meter not inspected within the past three years, your ticket is invalid. To check a specific meter, click on the Parking Meter Tests link at the bottom of the story at, which will give you a PDF file where you can check for certification.That single L&I inspector makes this story even more amusing with his or her certification habits, obviously not taken very seriously. According to the story:

…some meters were being checked time and time again! A meter on South 9th Street was tested at 11 a.m. one morning and approved, then hours later it was tested again, and approved again!Then there is the situation we found on Ridge Avenue, a meter was tested and approved eight times last year, and it happened in other places too! 

Please do not try to argue any of this with the PPA, though as they do “…not receive meter inspection reports from the City, and has no idea which have been certified as required by law.” If you’ve ever seen Parking Wars, you know it’s best to move on and take it to the judge if you want to fight.

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