Gotta go? Visitor Center!

Last week after a doctor’s appointment, I had the opportunity to do something I rarely get to do: walk around the historic areas and Old City. A coffee and a bottle of water later, and the inevitable happens—I need to pee. I’m at Fifth and Market, let’s walk up a block and check out the visitor center!

I think I was only in the Independence Visitor Center once before, shortly after they first opened, and, as a resident of the city, I never felt the need to go back. But boy, are those bathrooms amazing! The toilets are clean, the floors are shiny, the sinks are in proper working order, and the trash is not overflowing. The place doesn’t even smell like a public bathroom.

My only gripe? While everything is automated, I’d rather have hand-dryers rather than electric paper towel dispensers. Hand dryers are more efficient and leave less waste. I mean, if you’re going to go automatic anyway, why not use dryers? didn’t have a review for this bathroom, but I did find an article for the National Constitution Center, and from the one photograph, I think the bathrooms are pretty much the same. Now, as a resident, I’m not looking for the historic elements this reviewer valued—I just want a place to pee without worrying about creepy men masturbating in the corner.

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