Super Bowl recap: Oh, but it could be worse…

This morning my stomach hurts. It seriously hurts. It feels empty, cavernous, and even mildly disorientated.

Last night’s Super Bowl was one of the longest and toughest three to four hours in my life. And then when it ended, I couldn’t get out to walk Dugan fast enough.

But then this morning, while driving home, I thought about something.

As much as it’s hard being a Pats fan right now, at least I’m not an Eagles fan.

Eagles fans, you have to admit, that last night was not a good sign for the future of the Eagles. The Giants, those blue bastards up 95, won the Super Bowl and what’s tough is that they already look like they’ll be in the thick of it next year. Couple that with the fact that both the Cowboys (a good young team) and the Redskins (a fiesty somewhat young team) made the playoffs as well, and you’re looking at the lowly Eagles dumpster-divin’ in the NFC East for at least another two years.

So, this morning, sitting here as a Pats fan, I’m comforted by knowing that it could be worse.

I could be an Eagles fan.

How many days until Opening Day?

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