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photo of the day

The Creepy Gargoyle, originally uploaded by ecospc.

See him while you still can!
One of the six great Firehouse Gargoyles on the firehouse scheduled for demolition, on Race Street between 13th & Broad (@ Watts). The black & white enhances the ‘creepy gargoyle’ by ecospc

Soccer…baseball…and the freak

Those blustery winds ripping through Philly today are doing more to the city today than just making it’s residents freezing cold and longing for summer. The winds are bringing some fun and exciting changes to the landscape of Philly sports.

And that, is called a cheesy leed to a story.

1.) Philly awarded Major League Soccer franchise! Finally, after months and months of wild rumors, MLS has officially announced that Philly will be home to the league’s 20th team, opening their season in 2010. The team will play in a new stadium down in Chester, right on the Delaware. The stadium is part of an effort to revitalize the city, just a good chuck down 95 south. For more information, check out the Sons of Ben, a group of supporters of the team, at

2.) Phillies open Spring Training! The Fightin’ Phils beat the Reds last nite, behind Father Time Jamie Moyer and the Dobbserman, Greg Dobbs. New addition Geoff Jenkins also went 1 for 3. Come on, this is really some kick ass news! Baseball! Baseball means summer! Baseball means hot, sweaty ballparks and over-priced beers! I would think this would be pretty killer to hear about on a frigid day like this.

3.) Eagles cut Kearse. The Eagles cut the Freak and absolutely no one is suprised. Free Agency starts tomorrow and absolutely everyone hopes the team grabs a wide reciever…and maybe some defense…and maybe a kick returner…and maybe another wide reciever…and maybe…

Stay warm.

Farewell to another Wawa

Center city Wawas seem to be a dying breed. The most recent of several locations to go is the all-important 20th and Locust Wawa. Not only is it essential for the locals, it’s an incredibly popular post-bar spot for snacks and re-hydration. Inebriated masses congregate, consume and leave sated after long nights of drinking. Where will they go now?

Another good question would be, why are all the Wawas closing? According to their PR Department: “The closing of this particular store is not unlike others we have made throughout our 5-state operating area from Chadds Ford, PA to College.” This doesn’t explain a whole lot, and I’m still curious as to why those locations were targeted. The 20th and Locust, in particular, must have brought in quite a bit of revenue.

One of the drawbacks to my current neighborhood is, indeed, the fact that the local Wawa closed last year. The next closest one is over a mile away. It looks like that is to be the case for much of center city as well.

The APC is okay with me

I went to the post office today, and I found the most awesome kiosk ever. Now, I haven’t been to the post office in a while—email, IMS, and online billing have pretty much negated my need for the USPS—so I don’t know how long this has been here: the Automated Postal Center.

The Automated Postal Center, or APC, is a self-service machine that sells stamps and other postal services, like certified or registered mail. It’s pretty awesome if you just have a normal-sized envelope to send, or need a book of stamps. You slide your debit or credit card, select the postal type, weigh the envelope, grab the sticker, and presto!

No waiting in long lines, no cranky customers complaining about the long lines.

The kiosk I used earlier today is located in the post office at Penn Center (Suburban Station), between the counter service and the post office boxes. The next closest is at 30th Street Station, while there are a few others in the Northeast.

Photo of the Day

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, originally uploaded by chrisinphilly.

a wonderful juxtapostion of lines and angles inside the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.


I know – I have a knack for posting things that are happening on the same day of my post. Here’s about 17 hour’s notice for something going on tomorrow. Do you like to eat? I do. I’m also planning a fancy mushroom soup for dinner, and I know where to get those ‘shrooms: Reading Terminal Market. PLUS, tomorrow is their Souper Bowl and International Comfort Food Festival. There’s going to be a soup contest, as well as a jazz band and some children’s activities. Groovy. Watch out, kiddies! I’ll be getting there hungry.

Get Knitty

My roommate just passed me some information about this, which I’ve never heard of before, despite being from the neighborhood!

4th Friday on 4th St. – (and I know 4th Street has had something of a revival lately – Red Hook Cafe, Brickbat Books, some type of sporting shop I passed the other day – it’s not just for sewing materials anymore!)
That said, this bit is courtesy of Sophie’s Yarns (713 S. 4th St.):

“Come join us this Friday, 2/22 from 6-8 for Fourth Friday on 4th Street. Kits will be available for the knit-along project or just bring your latest project and knit and sit awhile. Participating shops will be open late and doing all kinds of cool stuff and serving wine and goodies. After visitng us, check out the workshop on embroidering hankies at Busstop Boutique!

FINALLY A SOCK CLASS yes, at last we’ve got a sock class on the calendar! Learn the basics of sock knitting on double pointed needles with Lisa, 2 Sundays 3/2 &3/9 from 2-4. For more details and to register, visit the website or call us at the shop 215-925-KNIT. Class size limited to 6 students.”
I’m glad I could give such a nice shop (with a cat!) some free advertisement. They are nice.

Total Lunar Eclipse

If you have x-ray vision, or the clouds suddenly clear, you will be able to see a total lunar eclipse tonight. On the East Coast, it is expected to start in just a few short hours, around 8:45 p.m. The moon will be fully covered by the Earth’s shadow at 10:01 p.m.

For your future viewing, and in case you can’t see tonight’s, there will be 4 lunar eclipses in 2009, but there won’t be another total one until December 21, 2010.

You can wear fancy glasses if you like, but it won’t burn your retinas to look at it bare-eyed!

Last chance to see Cyrano

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Cyrano performer, originally uploaded by moocatmoocat.

The last performance of Cyrano de Bergerac is at the Academy of Music today at 2:30. YOu can buy tickets at

Yesterday, the Opera Company hosted an open-house and backstage tours, including lots of photos ops and a chance to meet some performers.

Kris Benson, Frida, America and so much more!

Kris Benson!
Take that Mets and Johan San-who-tana. We just got Kris Benson. Yeah, the dude who pitched for the Mets and someone else and has a good-lookin’ wife. Sure, he might not be ready for Opening Day, but I am, so that’s good enough for this guy.
Down Market St though, you will find absolutely nothing about Benson or tragically enough, Team G.F.Y., Philly’s hottest co-ed softball team. There will also be nothing about Aaron Rowand, Tom Gordon, or Alfonso Alfonseca. For the next couple months, the Baseball Hall of Fame will be showcasing “Baseball in America,” at the National Constitution Center. Oddly enough, the exhibit is about both baseball and America. Check out the Constitution Center’s website for more information.
And then up the street, at the big ol’ Art Museum, the Frida exhibit starts up next week. You know, Frida. The uni-browed woman on all those tote bags. Salma Hayek played her a couple years ago. Well apparently, Frida is more than just tote bags and Oscar nominations. The Frida exhibit opens on the 20th I believe.
What’s crazy, is that only a couple days after the Frida exhibit opens, the Phillies play their first Spring Training game…and that is what they call a very nice seque. And then, crazier still, a month after that, Team G.F.Y. begins their first season with a heated contest versus…someone. But just who is Team G.F.Y.? That’s a good question and because I’m probably the only one who asked that, I’ll save the answer for later.
So for now, think about the “Baseball in America” exhibit, Spring Training, American Idol, Otis Redding, and lovely Frida.
There will plenty of time for Kris Benson, his wife, Team G.F.Y., and Sam Cook later.
I promise.

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