Mets land Santana: But everything should still be cool.

How can the sun be out?

I don’t get it. This should a black day for Philly and the Fightin’ Phils, despite the news that Terrell Owens owes the Eagles $700,000.

Yesterday the Mets, those bastards up 95, acquired Johan Santana, arguably the best pitcher of this generation. Immediately after the trade, the Mets, the same Mets who imploded amazingly last year, were annointed favorites in the National League.

Does Pedro Feliz mean nothing?

How about Geoff Jenkins. Or…

Jamie Moyer’s coming back.

There is no doubt that Santana makes the Mets a better team and as fans, we can look forward to some potentially great pitching duels between Santana and the Mighty Cole Hamels. However I’m not sure that landing Santana makes the Mets favorites though. Besides Santana, they are the same team that blew it last year, only this year without steroid-user Paul LaDuca and Tom Glavine.

Besides that?

Granted the Phils lost Aaron Rowand and Abraham Nunez and gasp! possibly Wes Helms, but while the Phils didn’t make the big free agent signing or trade that we were all hoping for, they did make some solid additions, most notably in a new closer Brad Lidge, which now allows that crazy bastard Brett Myers to go back into the rotation. That gives the Phils a rotation of Hamels, Myers, Moyer, and probably Kyle Kendrick. Granted Adam Eaton and his goatee are still around, but Kyle Lohse is still around too in the free agent market and with a reduced demand in years he wants, the Phils now have a chance to resign him and his interesting facial hair.

But this could all just be rationalization.

This could all be a way to say that even though the Mets picked up a super stud, we’ll still be all right down here. We still got Victorino, we still got JRooooooooll, Pat the Bat, and the Force That is Chase, and you know, Pedro Feliz could be pretty kick ass.

We still have Ryan Howard.

What helped the Phillies last year was that undeniable youthful energy that they had. With the majority of those guys still around and good ol’ Charlie Manuel at the helm, it shouldn’t matter whose pitching for the Mets or who the Nationals picked up in the off season or how good the Braves could be or how terrible the Marlins will be.

Until Victorino conceeds defeat, we still gotta believe.

Trust me.

He’s from Hawaii. That should mean something.

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