Comcast Runaround

Last week the cable starts acting weird. Brian calls Comcast and they send someone out on Saturday morning to fix it. After he explains the problem, and the steps he’s already taken in an attempt to fix it, the technician then follows the exact steps Brian has already taken, with the same results: flicking cable and the occasional missing signal. After some hour and a half of putzing around, the technician finally replaces the wire outside, leaving his trash all over the basement and the front of the house, the cable works.

For about an hour. Then it goes out completely.

Channels sporadically come in. Sometimes every channel plays only CN8. Brian calls again, and makes a new appointment with a new technician for early Sunday afternoon.

This guy nicely tells him that the problem is probably the cable box. Replace the old analog boxes with the new digital boxes, and the problem should go away. Brian asks him if he could do that, but the technician informs him that he must charge $17 per box for installation, and that the best bet would be to go down to the office himself.

Brian calls Comcast and asks what he needs to bring in order to replace the converter boxes. The woman on the phone told him he needs the boxes themselves plus proof of residence, like state-issued I.D. He packs up the boxes, walks down to Comcast on Columbus Boulevard, and waits in a swelteringly hot office. He approaches the woman behind the counter and explains the situation. She proceeds to look up the account, and says “Who’s this name on the account?” Brian says “that’s my wife, Andrea.” The woman behind the counter can’t work the order, because my name is on the account, not his, and we have different last names.

By now he’s obviously frustrated, but the woman tells him that I would have to come down to the office and exchange the boxes. He packs up the boxes again, and within the hour we’re both on the way back down to Comcast.

My wait isn’t nearly as long as his, and now I’m talking to the woman behind the counter (I assume the same woman). Since it’s my name on the account, I easily get new boxes and ask her if I can change the name on the account to Brian’s. She says no, I’ll have to call the Comcast number and do it over the phone.


Back at the house, Brian hooks up the new boxes as I call Comcast customer service. There’s a long wait, then I’m on hold, but the woman on the phone is very polite and we get the new digital signal running to the house. Is there anything else she can help me with? Sure, I say. I’d like to change the name on the account to my husband’s.

“Oh I can’t do that on the phone,” she explains. “You need to go down to the office and do it there.”

I want to yell, but it’s not her fault! I tell her the woman at the office said she couldn’t do it and that I would need to do it on the phone! Brian overhears this and starts laughing.

Apparently, when you want to change the name on the account, both parties need to go to the office with valid I.D. and sign the account over. It’s a simple form!

I’m going to wait until this weekend to do that. I’ve had enough Comcast for now.

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  1. kelly (unregistered) on January 28th, 2008 @ 6:22 pm

    you don’t know how unbelievably timely your post is! swap my name for yours and my significant other for Brian and you will have written *exactly* what happened to us this very weekend! Even more eerie is the fact that I came home today (to even more nonsense) and said, "you know, I’m going to post about this on the metroblog" then I came online and found *your* post. creepy? or incredibly sad that so many people live this saga with the dirty (at least to me) "c" word. personally, I tend a bit to the livid side and my blood pressure rises at the mere mention of them. our issues have been going on for months. latest is that now, out of the blue, a collection agency is calling us about our *last* apartment. though yes, we canceled the service, we apparently didn’t *terminate* it, so the account has been "on hold". what!?! I could go on (and on and on) but I won’t. thanks for your post!

  2. Angie (unregistered) on January 28th, 2008 @ 6:55 pm

    I’m so glad you posted this!

    I’m about to change my name on our account (it’s on my maiden name still), had I been on your shoes I probably would have snapped!

    It’s been like that since the beginning: it took 5 appointments (5 vacation days) just to get cable to work. We’re definitely tired of Comcast

    As soon as there is *anything* available we’re switching.

  3. Andrea (unregistered) on January 29th, 2008 @ 3:24 pm

    Kelly: that happened to us with PGW when we moved from our apartment to our house in May 2005. Apparently PGW just added the house as a second residence and kept sending the bills to our old apartment. It took us until November 2005 to finally get hold of someone who knew what they were talking about. In the meantime, we’d been paying for gas heat of the girl who moved into the apartment after us. (Yes, we were credited that money, after a long long time of investigation!)

    Angie: I wanted to snap, I was so frustrated! I kept telling myself that it wasn’t the fault of each individual I talked to, but Comcast as a whole. It’s like one hand doesn’t know what the other’s doing… which leads to problems like this.

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