Pro-life for condoms!

During my third year at college I took a course called “Christian Marriage and Family”. The class, offered at my Catholic university, was taught by a priest and covered such topics as friendship and dating, sex—before and after marriage—and sexuality, family planning, abortion, and contraception. Our professor, who was totally awesome and the most open-minded priest I’d ever met, encouraged us to ask questions and debate the course’s teachings. I argued in one of my term papers that artificial contraceptions, such as condoms, should be more openly and readily available in high schools. I pointed out that many teenagers, for many reasons, have sex, get pregnant and need abortions; condoms offer a chance of preventing the pregnancy in the first place, thus negating the need for abortions.

But now in comes the Catholics for a Free Choice. Carol Towarnicky writes in a Daily News article:

It’s family-planning services, plus honest, comprehensive information about sex, that prevents the unintended pregnancies that create the need for legal abortion. […] So now, with not enough fanfare, comes congressional legislation promoting contraception, comprehensive sexuality education and research. […] One of [the supporters] is our own U.S. senator, Bob Casey, a co-sponsor of the Unintended Pregnancy Reduction Act. Casey is unswerving in his religion-based view against legal abortion but has courageously parted company with the Catholic position against contraception, as well as the policies of his father, who as governor blocked state funding for contraceptive services.

The Unintended Pregnancy Reduction Act is “a bill to amend title XIX of the Social Security Act to expand access to contraceptive services for women and men under the Medicaid program, help low income women and couples prevent unintended pregnancies and reduce abortion, and for other purposes.” This is a huge!

As someone raised Catholic, I’d learned that abortion is wrong, but so is condom use. In high school, so many of my peers were having sex, against the teachings of our churches, our families, and our educators. I, and many of my classmates, believed that as a sin, abortion far outweighed condom use; why not just use condoms? God would probably forgive that more easily, right? Now it looks like there are a whole lot of pro-life advocates with the same theory.

(article via Philadelphia Will Do)

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  1. Phillybits (unregistered) on January 25th, 2008 @ 7:42 am

    Speaking as an agnostic and commenting only to add a little different perspective on this topic, aren’t all sins created equally?

    You say that god would “probably” forgive the use of condoms more easily but isn’t that kind of like suggesting God would “probably” go easier on a man who only cheated on his wife once as opposed to cheating on his wife 25 times with 3 different women?

    My interpretation, albeit from a highly removed position of personal knowledge, would be that a sin is a sin is a sin. Trying to argue semantics about how one sin may be more powerful than another seems like a argument that on face would have no chance of convincing god otherwise.

    All that said, I fully support the use and practice of condoms, especially amongst sexually active minors. Of course, minors not having sex would be best but if they’re going to, I’d rather they have the knowledge and access to birth control and other contraceptives to avoid the burdens of pregnancy before being ready.

  2. Andrea (unregistered) on January 25th, 2008 @ 11:40 am

    I totally agree with your last paragraph. Of course not having sex would be the best way to avoid STDs and pregnancy, but we’ve seen how effective abstinence-only programs are working.

    Regarding levels of sin, if I recall my theology classes properly, yes indeed, all sins are equal, and any sin is a sin. However, I went to a Catholic all-girls high school in the mid-90s, and I can assure you, our minds did not work that way!

    Kind of like the difference between an outright bold-faced lie and a little white fib, we thought there had to be a difference. This was our personal belief, of course, and not an official stance of the Catholic church.

  3. a (unregistered) on January 25th, 2008 @ 11:14 pm

    you really think god feels lying us into a war is the same as telling your wife her ass doesnt look huge in those jeans?

    thank god there is no god…cause thats just damn stupid….and too bad there is no hell cause bush deserves to burn in it along with all the popes, ronald reagan and all the priests and their bosses who molested kids and protected themselves from prosecution.

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