The Beginning of the End

Next Thursday, January 31, Lost returns for season four! So we only get eight episodes. We can debate the writers’ strike another time… I need my fix. A couple months ago I took over a Lost meetup group and I’m thinking, hey! Didn’t they Troc host a premiere party last year? Is anyone doing anything this year?

I’ve checked Eventful and Upcoming, I’ve googled every search term you can imagine creating with the words Lost, Philadelphia, season four, premiere. Nothing.

While in the car with my brother yesterday, we caught a snippet of information in a commercial on MMR about some kind of party going on at Dave and Busters, but of course, neither of their websites contain any information.

If some venue in Philly is hosting a Lost season premier party, I’ve yet to find it. So what is it, Philly? What’s going on next Thursday?

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