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In a moment, I knew what I was going to do on Sunday night, tonight. The City Paper advertised, for this cold, cold night, a lecture For the Curious, at Johnny Brenda’s, featuring R. Bradley Maule, or B Love, of fame, and two of his cohorts. I took the el, unfortunately, and there was this big fire in the area, apparently, and I ended up on a “charter” shuttle, which didn’t stop at the other el stops, and I found out too late, pulling the string somewhere north of Girard, where I needn’t have been by myself. So, I jogged through about 6 scary, dark blocks to Girard, called my friend for exact directions, suffered a dead cellphone, passed the many firetrucks and emergency vehicles, and made it into the warmth and welcoming arms of Johnny Brenda’s for my Reading Premium.

If you haven’t experienced B Love’s site, and you love Philly, you must see it. I’m not sure if he makes a living from it, but I hope he does. He is a transplant to Philly, as many of us are, but sees himself as a Philadelphian. I feel likewise. I think he and his partners, Nathaniel Popkin and Steve Ives, have set themselves up to be a source of change, or maybe a driving force. I think they aren’t aware of the inspiration they are providing. Their lecture turned into a bit of a public forum for changes that need to be made. Look out for near-future changes in the blog, including comment capability and other technical innovations I know nothing about, as well as a real volunteer initiative. I hope this pans out. I would like to join up! I want to help, and you should too. I left there inspired, hopeful, and dreamy.

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