Dave Eggers- Television- Sun, Sun, Sun!

After our morning walk, Dugan (Erin’s dog: 9 month old Golden Retriever) and I were sitting in Erin’s backyard- I was reading the paper and he was watching ants and birds. I read about Parking Wars, a new show starting tonight on A & E at 10pm. The first episode focuses on Philadelphia Parking Authority workers- the meter maids and the boot people and the tow truck guys.

I thought it looked interesting. The hopes are that folks like you and me will watch it and look at said workers in a different light. I mean, duuuuuuuude, they are just working. Just like I’m working now, you’re working now, your roomate is working only a couple hours, etc…

So I left. I left thinking that maybe I’d watch this show, at least the first half because duuuuuuuuuuude Rob & Big also starts tonight, it’s third season.

I drove down to Main Street, thinking I’d run into Starbucks and then head downtown. I saw the dude, walking down the street slowly- his little computer thing dangling from a strap slung over his shoulder. I had no change. I never have change. Poop, change would be amazing…wouldn’t it Poop…yes! But no, so I scooted into a spot. The meter was expired, but the man was now strolling across the street and it shouldn’t take long for an iced mocha in one of those sizes…
Yeah, I came out and I had a ticket and the parking fella was now halfway down the block- How did he get down there so fast!

I will not watch Parking Wars.
But you should.

And duuuuuuuuuuuuude, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…no one, no one at all told me how great that show is. No one. And it hurts.
DAVE EGGERS tonight at THE free LIBRARY…7pm…seating kind of limited- i.e. it’s going to be kind of crowded because it’s Dave Eggers. He’s that guy, that guy who wrote the crazy book about himself and the other one about running around the world and now that book about the kid from Sudan who walked to Atlanta- only to get his house robbed…yes, that Dave Eggers. Eggers who will probably maybe the voice of our generation…I really thought that would have been Britney Spea….DAVE EGGERS TONIGHT GO I AM TELLING YOU AS A FRIEND- IT WILL BE EDUCATIONALLY SUPER.

Fun, fun…enjoy the good weather, Philadelphia.

p.s. The Phillies resigned Jayson Werth…and the Lord rejoiced over greater Philadelphia, blanketing us with golden rays of splintered sun and unseasonably reasonably outstanding weather.

Duke vs Temple, tomorrow night at the Wachovia Center. Hmmm…basketball!

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