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Yummy Closing

One of my friends curated the show, “Yummy,” at the Nexus Gallery in Northern Liberties. They’ll have closing ceremonies for the show this Friday, February 1, including food, music, prizes, and comedy! Festivities begin at 7:00. Bring canned and non-perishable food items to NEXUS for those in need. The collection bin is located right outside the gallery door.

Mets land Santana: But everything should still be cool.

How can the sun be out?

I don’t get it. This should a black day for Philly and the Fightin’ Phils, despite the news that Terrell Owens owes the Eagles $700,000.

Yesterday the Mets, those bastards up 95, acquired Johan Santana, arguably the best pitcher of this generation. Immediately after the trade, the Mets, the same Mets who imploded amazingly last year, were annointed favorites in the National League.

Does Pedro Feliz mean nothing?

How about Geoff Jenkins. Or…

Jamie Moyer’s coming back.

There is no doubt that Santana makes the Mets a better team and as fans, we can look forward to some potentially great pitching duels between Santana and the Mighty Cole Hamels. However I’m not sure that landing Santana makes the Mets favorites though. Besides Santana, they are the same team that blew it last year, only this year without steroid-user Paul LaDuca and Tom Glavine.

Besides that?

Granted the Phils lost Aaron Rowand and Abraham Nunez and gasp! possibly Wes Helms, but while the Phils didn’t make the big free agent signing or trade that we were all hoping for, they did make some solid additions, most notably in a new closer Brad Lidge, which now allows that crazy bastard Brett Myers to go back into the rotation. That gives the Phils a rotation of Hamels, Myers, Moyer, and probably Kyle Kendrick. Granted Adam Eaton and his goatee are still around, but Kyle Lohse is still around too in the free agent market and with a reduced demand in years he wants, the Phils now have a chance to resign him and his interesting facial hair.

But this could all just be rationalization.

This could all be a way to say that even though the Mets picked up a super stud, we’ll still be all right down here. We still got Victorino, we still got JRooooooooll, Pat the Bat, and the Force That is Chase, and you know, Pedro Feliz could be pretty kick ass.

We still have Ryan Howard.

What helped the Phillies last year was that undeniable youthful energy that they had. With the majority of those guys still around and good ol’ Charlie Manuel at the helm, it shouldn’t matter whose pitching for the Mets or who the Nationals picked up in the off season or how good the Braves could be or how terrible the Marlins will be.

Until Victorino conceeds defeat, we still gotta believe.

Trust me.

He’s from Hawaii. That should mean something.

door patterns and textures

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door patterns and textures, originally uploaded by moocatmoocat.

love the craftsmanship on this richly textured door on Church Street in Old City. Great wood grain complements the intricately patterned door plate.

Birds of Prey

Last week, I saw my second bird of prey in center city. The first time I saw one, it was over by the Society Hill Towers, I think in the late summer or early fall, devouring its victim with gusto. After consulting friends who know better than I, I was pretty sure it was a peregrin falcon. This was especially exciting, because I had just read On the Wing, by Alan Tennant. And, they are a threatened species.

Again, I spotted a bird finishing off his prey, last week near the corner of 3rd and Walnut. The telltale sign – bloody feathers on the sidewalk – told me to look up. Again, I spotted this bird while alone. I almost wonder if it was a sign. I’m not sure what type of bird it was this time. It was smaller, and it is also winter.

Has anyone seen birds like this in the city? It’s very exciting!

Comcast Runaround

Last week the cable starts acting weird. Brian calls Comcast and they send someone out on Saturday morning to fix it. After he explains the problem, and the steps he’s already taken in an attempt to fix it, the technician then follows the exact steps Brian has already taken, with the same results: flicking cable and the occasional missing signal. After some hour and a half of putzing around, the technician finally replaces the wire outside, leaving his trash all over the basement and the front of the house, the cable works.

For about an hour. Then it goes out completely.

Photo of the Day

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Security Threat, originally uploaded by Phillybits.

In addition to being a very nicely composed photo with interesting perspective, ‘Security Threat’ also brings up the thought-provolking issue of when security concerns get out of hand…

Be sure to double-click on the photo to read Phillybit’s explanation.

Jean Madeline Aveda Institute

Where to get an inexpensive haircut? Why, the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute! I usually have a friend cut my hair, but about twice a year I need a professional. Well, I opted for someone who was learning to be a professional from a professional school. I went to the Bainbridge St. location (there are 3, altogether) and got a haircut from Claudia. Claudia was very nice. She gave me a scalp massage, a hand massage, washed my hair, cut it, worked on some long layers for me, and trimmed my bangs. It looks very good, I must say, and she was a very sweet girl with a nice personality. I told her she was very intense, but she preferred to call it “focused.” Yes, that was a better choice to describe the time and care she put into my haircut, and I hope all the students are this serious about their careers. They certainly did look like they were having fun.

The salon offered all kinds of treatments, including facials and body wraps. I must say that if you choose to go there you must 1. sign a waiver – remember they are learning, and 2. be prepared to be there for a little longer than your usual trip to the salon – again, they are learning. We had to stop a few times for checking by the instructor. I was there from about 2:15 to 4:30. I felt so bad, becuaseI forgot to tip Claudia, thoughtless and hurried customer that I was. Here, I am offering a public apology to Claudia. I only remembered once I was half way home. (I did go back this week and leave her something.) Claudia, you did an excellent job!

R5 Shows 1/25-1/31

Saturday 26 January 2008
Super Furry Animals and Holy Fuck at Starlight Ballroom, $16 / all-ages

Thursday 31 January 2008
Plaid at Johnny Brenda’s, $12 / 21+

Full show schedule and venue locations at

Warning! Cloverfield makes people sick

My brother and I saw the latest awesome movie out in theaters this week: Cloverfield. I’ll leave the reviews to others much more eloquent in their film musings than I, but I did want to bring up the motion-sickness factor. We drove up to the AMC Neshaminy 24, and there were warning signs all around the theater where the movie was showing, advising people of the feelings of motion-sickness and vertigo, similar to riding a roller-coaster.

I admit to feeling very slightly nauseous during the film, but that could also the popcorn I was munching on throughout. Did you see Cloverfield, and did you get sick? Were other theaters also posting warning signs?

Pro-life for condoms!

During my third year at college I took a course called “Christian Marriage and Family”. The class, offered at my Catholic university, was taught by a priest and covered such topics as friendship and dating, sex—before and after marriage—and sexuality, family planning, abortion, and contraception. Our professor, who was totally awesome and the most open-minded priest I’d ever met, encouraged us to ask questions and debate the course’s teachings. I argued in one of my term papers that artificial contraceptions, such as condoms, should be more openly and readily available in high schools. I pointed out that many teenagers, for many reasons, have sex, get pregnant and need abortions; condoms offer a chance of preventing the pregnancy in the first place, thus negating the need for abortions.

But now in comes the Catholics for a Free Choice. Carol Towarnicky writes in a Daily News article:

It’s family-planning services, plus honest, comprehensive information about sex, that prevents the unintended pregnancies that create the need for legal abortion. […] So now, with not enough fanfare, comes congressional legislation promoting contraception, comprehensive sexuality education and research. […] One of [the supporters] is our own U.S. senator, Bob Casey, a co-sponsor of the Unintended Pregnancy Reduction Act. Casey is unswerving in his religion-based view against legal abortion but has courageously parted company with the Catholic position against contraception, as well as the policies of his father, who as governor blocked state funding for contraceptive services.

The Unintended Pregnancy Reduction Act is “a bill to amend title XIX of the Social Security Act to expand access to contraceptive services for women and men under the Medicaid program, help low income women and couples prevent unintended pregnancies and reduce abortion, and for other purposes.” This is a huge!

As someone raised Catholic, I’d learned that abortion is wrong, but so is condom use. In high school, so many of my peers were having sex, against the teachings of our churches, our families, and our educators. I, and many of my classmates, believed that as a sin, abortion far outweighed condom use; why not just use condoms? God would probably forgive that more easily, right? Now it looks like there are a whole lot of pro-life advocates with the same theory.

(article via Philadelphia Will Do)

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