I am a walking trash can

This morning I quickly caught the bus and got to the El at Margaret-Orthodox in about three minutes. I grabbed a seat near the rear of the bus, behind the back doors. There were a couple people sitting in the seats behind me, in their late-forties maybe, or just really old-looking twenties. I’m usually one of the last people off the bus as I let everyone out ahead of me.

I walked up to the platform but the train didn’t come for more than 15 minutes, crazy at that time of day. There were a lot of people waiting, but when the train finally did arrive I easily found a seat. I sat down and swung my backpack across my lap, and saw that there was trash lodged in the folds between the compartments on my bag: a Trident gum package, several gum wrappers, and a couple folded napkins that appeared to have been used to mop up the sides of a leaking coffee cup.

Whether this person (seemingly the man on the bus seat behind me, as he was the only one close enough to my backpack to do so) thought it was funny or he just didn’t want to carry his trash with him, it reminds me that some people are extraordinarily inconsiderate.

Luckily tales like this don’t happen every day, or all my stories to “outside” people about waving neighbors, friendly cashiers, and just really nice strangers on the street start to look a little suspect.

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  1. T (unregistered) on December 19th, 2007 @ 3:45 pm

    Seriously, I had a similar fun experience with a guy sitting next to me who was throwing his trash on the floor. When I commented “it is a good thing that SEPTA has someone to clean up after him.” He replied “it ain’t my bus.” There you go.

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