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Sixers trade away Kyle Korver to Obscurity for Pointlessness….

It’s painful to say, a tough thing to wrap my head around.

I’m never going to think about Kyle Korver again.

Today, the Sixers traded Korver to the Utah Jazz for some dude named Giricek (who recently got into a verbal disagreement with Jazz coach Jerry Sloan) and a 1st Round pick. Giricek is averaging a mammoth 4 points a game this season. But wait, his career average is 9. So, it could get maybe get better.


So goodbye Kyle, one of the defacto faces of this current Sixers’ squad. If you thought Andre Iguadala was bummed by Allen Iverson getting traded away last year around this time, one can only imagine poor Andre curled up in the fetal position now, wondering what the hell he did to deserve such a fate.

Korver was the main deep threat for the Sixers and set the record for 3 pointers in a season with 226 in 2004-5. Korver gained national attention when he led tiny Creighton University deep in the NCAA tourney a few years ago. That was the first time I ever thought about Korver, him joining the Sixers was the other.


Well I can honestly I’ll never think about Korver again, one of those somewhat average players who you only know because they play for your team.

You know…

Kind of like Geoff Jenkins.


Put ornaments on the Rittenhouse tree

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Rittenhouse reflection, originally uploaded by moocatmoocat.

I’ve noticed some people have been putting little ornaments, often handmade, on the Christmas tree in Rittenhouse Square Park. This is a charming idea–my husband & I are going to bring some peace sign necklaces to hang on it today. If you have anything that would look nice on the tree, let’s start a tradition–put them on it!
And best wishes for the holidays & new year to all.

The Fightin’ Phils not so Fightin’ Off Season…

I’m sorry. I have neglected you, but don’t worry. I haven’t been seeing any other blogs, just taking care of some business. But yes, I’m sorry. I don’t even exist on Metroblogs anymore….


With the Phillies in the news and some free time coming my way, I thought I’d update everyone on the shakings and bakings of the Fightin’ Phils.

Aaron Rowand. Yes, our trusty, ball-breakin’ center fielder is now out in San Fran and my roomate, Big White, hasn’t left his room since as a result. Sure, Arow will be missed, but that’s life. Long-term security was what he was looking for and apparently, long-term security is what he got, signing a 5 year deal with the Giants. Hey, have fun out the Arow. No really. With Bonds gone and nothing else going on, it’ll be like going on a paid vacation. Sweet dude!
Tadahito Iguhchi. Hey, this dude kept the Fightin’ Phils fightin’ after The Force That is Chase went down and for that, we should thank him and always keep him in our hearts. But hey, Chase came back and Crazy Tad dodged Phils’ GM Pat Gillick’s offer to play third base for a one-year deal with the Padres, where he can play second base all day long. Can’t really blame him, but I’m going to miss seeing Crazy Tad being greeted like a samurai coming back into the dugout.
Kyle Lohse. Well, in all fairness, he’s not gone yet. But dude, Scott Boras is his agent and I haven’t even heard of talks between Lohse and the Fightin’ Phils. I’d love to see him back, but it looks like we’ve seen the last of Lohse and his straight line fu manchu in Philly.

New Arrivals:
Geoff Jenkins. I’m honestly having a hard time getting excited about this with the other outfielders that are available. But oh well, welcome to Philly Geoff. And hey, he can’t be any worse than Wes Helms can he?
So Taguchi: See above.

And yes, that’s it.
No big signings and it doesn’t look like there are any on the horizon. But hey, there weren’t any current Phils’ mentioned in the Mitchell Report, J Roooooolll won the MVP, and uh…well that’s about it.

How many days til Opening Day, baby!

Comcast Center


They let me in! Today was my first experience with seeing the Comcast Center close-up. I’ve only seen it from a distance, so far, and in the extremely delicious and informative website:

I was visiting a friend at Center City Film and Video, one of the few non-Comcast businesses that will occupy the building. It was very cool to get my own badge (for security), and to have had it arranged before I arrived. There are sculptures of people perched on high metal beams above your head in the lobby, looking very businesslike and important – muy futuristic. Not many people work in the building yet, but we were speculating about how much the building’s occupants will affect new business around it. We were hoping for new business and could see several things under construction. Very exciting! I was awed at the height. (I’m a girl from the sticks, okay?) I could barely fit the tip-top in my frame for this shot. As you can also see, it wasn’t all gray skies today.

photo of the day

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Philadelphia 336552, originally uploaded by thw05.

a wonderfullly clear aerial view of the city. The Delaware River is at the bottom, and the Schuylkill at the top.

Commuting around Kids

For various reasons, I’ve been having a tough time sleeping lately. During the work week I feel I’m at a constant deficit and hence make up the time snoozing on the train. One day last week I was settling in for my nap when a mom with two young children boarded. I unabashedly snatched my trailpass, bag and made haste to the next car. Sure enough, within two minutes of sitting down the high-pitched child ruckus began. Fortunately, I could barely hear it safely ensconced in my new nap spot.

I understand the rails are public and anyone is allowed to ride them. I’m not going to complain about parents bringing children on the train. Sometimes they are charming and fun. More often they are cranky, screaming, arguing and crying. I’ve seen kids yank on the hair of passengers in front of them, grab tickets and passes and not once did their parents reprimand them.

yummy in Northern Liberties

I had some drinks in Northern Liberties the other day. It was my very first time at Bar Ferdinand. Loved it! The lighting and decor in there are really cozy, especially after a brisk walk, and the food was outstanding, especially the croquettes. We had sangria, of course, to complement the menu items we sampled. This is tapas, folks! We also agreed the price for three was very reasonable. But, I’m not here to tell you about the dinner, but our after-dinner outing to the Crane Arts Building, only a few blocks away, at 1400 N. American St.

We sauntered in to the opening reception of “yummy: a celebration of craving, compulsion and culture,” curated by Jennie Thwing. Housed in Nexus gallery, the exhibit features 38 national artists, displaying sculpture, video, prints, paintings, and much more I can’t remember. All feature food or food topics in some way, food labels, issues surrounding food, games surrounding food, pictures of food, etc. My favorites were prints of gum and freeze pops. Jennie encouraged me to sit down to an exhibit featuring a food fight (not physical, but argumentative), but I was too shy. Besides, the food was a sculpture, and I had just eaten. This exhibit will be around until February 1, with 7 special events remaining. Bring a can of food to place in the bin outside the door. And eat before you go, or this will make you hungry!

When we were finished, Jennie directed us to The Icebox, in the same building, where Brian Kennedy featured “Passages”, 3 handmade boats suspended from the ceiling. They were beautiful, and projected even more interesting shadows on the high ceilings, walls, and sand-covered (I think) floor! I wished I had my camera with me, because that exhibit is now over, today.

I know Northern Liberties is spotty, with warehouses next to boarded-up houses, next to new condo projects, but this converted warehouse gives a glimpse of the restoration going on in the neighborhood. I feel like there’s all this new stuff to discover. Check it out!

photo of the day

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Wonderful patterns and textures in this closeup of the Kimmel Center arches, taken from a parking garage roof at 15th & Spruce

I am a walking trash can

This morning I quickly caught the bus and got to the El at Margaret-Orthodox in about three minutes. I grabbed a seat near the rear of the bus, behind the back doors. There were a couple people sitting in the seats behind me, in their late-forties maybe, or just really old-looking twenties. I’m usually one of the last people off the bus as I let everyone out ahead of me.

I walked up to the platform but the train didn’t come for more than 15 minutes, crazy at that time of day. There were a lot of people waiting, but when the train finally did arrive I easily found a seat. I sat down and swung my backpack across my lap, and saw that there was trash lodged in the folds between the compartments on my bag: a Trident gum package, several gum wrappers, and a couple folded napkins that appeared to have been used to mop up the sides of a leaking coffee cup.

Whether this person (seemingly the man on the bus seat behind me, as he was the only one close enough to my backpack to do so) thought it was funny or he just didn’t want to carry his trash with him, it reminds me that some people are extraordinarily inconsiderate.

Luckily tales like this don’t happen every day, or all my stories to “outside” people about waving neighbors, friendly cashiers, and just really nice strangers on the street start to look a little suspect.

Fast food by the sort of still new Target

Last night we had several errands to run in the City Line/Main Line area, including a Target stop so my husband could pick up the special two-disc edition of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean.

Since I’m always starving after work, I suggested we try the new Chipotle right there. We were both excited for a little pseudo-Mexican food, and I had heard good things about Chipotle. Well, we never did get to taste that food. The restaurant is very poorly designed, with nowhere near as much seating as necessary to accommodate dinner hour customers. I can’t imagine what a mess it is at lunch. We could have ordered and eaten in the car, but why bother?

We ended up just a few doors down at the Pei Wei asian diner. It was also crowded, but had more seating and an effective number system. They turn tables very quickly, and the meal definitely feels rushed. The food is pretty decent, though and the service extremely friendly and polite.

I was also shocked to find, lo and behold, alcohol! They serve beer and wine right there, no bracelets, no 21+ room, everyone mixed in. Parents could have wine with their meal with a child on their lap. PFCCB (corporate overlords of said chain) must have done quite the job on the LCB.

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