80’s Saturday at Sal’s

A couple weekends ago I got dragged out to Sal’s, on 12th St, about a block south of Walnut. A friend of mine reminded me that last time I was invited I said, “Next time I’ll go.” I’m glad I got caught in that lie and went instead of just originally saying, “Hell no! I don’t — dance!!” Sal’s is said to be a restaurant, but whenever I’m there I see a big open space in the back, perfect for people who want to get their groove on. It’s a slow start this night, but who ever shows up at a nightclub right when it starts? Besides me, I mean. But my plan is to drink early, leave quickly. My buddy GC’s plan, however, is to drink early, dance, leave late.

So that’s what we do, enjoying everything from “99 Luftballoons” to Foreigner, and Madonna and a whole slew of other great and not so great 80’s music. They have a TV set up that plays old 80’s music videos and they have decent drink specials early on in the night.

This 80’s Saturday thing has just become a weekly thing, too. It’s happening tonight, and I think it’ll be a cool thing to join in on. There’s no cover, it’s full of dancey goodness, and it’s . . .

It’s the 80’s. I can’t really say anything else about the damn thing, as if saying, “the eighties,” sums everything up.

Here’s this flyer thing they made for the event.

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