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the red door

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the red door, originally uploaded by moocatmoocat.

Fallen leaves line the way to a house with a bright-red door in the Washington West neighborhood.

The Curiosity Shoppe

While I wait around for First Friday, I’ve found something to do on last Friday. While South Street can sometimes be overwhelming, crowded, and annoying, I have a favorite little shop around the corner on 4th St. The Curiosity Shoppe offers clothes, household items, books, music, etc., but most specially and pleasingly, local art. I’ve bought my little bathroom illustration there, of “Delicious,” a girl eating a chocolate bar. It’s done by Keet, who will be adding more art to the Shoppe’s walls this Friday, November 30th. I’ve also discovered the art of Austin Dodson, who will be showing new pieces there, as well. I hear, from the nice guy who runs the store, that there will be music, and, I’m assuming, food. I’m sorry, I don’t know his name, nor what time it all starts (I’m assuming around 7/8 p.m.), but I do know that it is a nice little event to stop by on your way to a bar or other good times on South Street. Support local artists!

photo of the day

— from Vince Brown (attila)(?)
A beautiful, tranquil fall scene. Though I don’t ever remember having lush fall foilage at Thanksgiving before…

80’s Saturday at Sal’s

A couple weekends ago I got dragged out to Sal’s, on 12th St, about a block south of Walnut. A friend of mine reminded me that last time I was invited I said, “Next time I’ll go.” I’m glad I got caught in that lie and went instead of just originally saying, “Hell no! I don’t — dance!!” Sal’s is said to be a restaurant, but whenever I’m there I see a big open space in the back, perfect for people who want to get their groove on. It’s a slow start this night, but who ever shows up at a nightclub right when it starts? Besides me, I mean. But my plan is to drink early, leave quickly. My buddy GC’s plan, however, is to drink early, dance, leave late.

So that’s what we do, enjoying everything from “99 Luftballoons” to Foreigner, and Madonna and a whole slew of other great and not so great 80’s music. They have a TV set up that plays old 80’s music videos and they have decent drink specials early on in the night.

This 80’s Saturday thing has just become a weekly thing, too. It’s happening tonight, and I think it’ll be a cool thing to join in on. There’s no cover, it’s full of dancey goodness, and it’s . . .

It’s the 80’s. I can’t really say anything else about the damn thing, as if saying, “the eighties,” sums everything up.

photo of the day

— from tilaneseven(?)

The neon lights are bright on Broad Street. The new lighting on the ‘Avenue of the Arts” is highlighted by the motion blur of the headlights in this photo by Tilaneseven/

We’re Not Top 10

According to the 14th Annual “City Crime Rankings: Crime in Metropolitan America” Philadelphia is not one of the 10 most dangerous cities to live in. Based on the nightly news reports over the last few years I would have thought we would have soared to the top.

While Philadelphia may not be a top tier crime city, our friendly neighbor (or maybe it is unfriendly neighbor) Camden, NJ is listed in the top 10. The list goes as follows:

1. Detroit, MI
2. St. Louis, MO
3. Flint, MI
4. Oakland, CA
5. Camden, NJ
6. Birmingham, AL
7. North Charleston, SC
8. Memphis, TN
9. Richmond, CA
10. Cleveland, OH

It should be noted that the report has drawn sharp criticism, with the American Society of Criminology calling it an “irresponsible misuse” of crime data.

Source: Yahoo! News

The Dog Show

boy and Spinone Italiano

The 2-day Philadelphia Kennel Club/National Dog show wraps up today at the Convention Center. It’s a ‘benched’ show, meaning visitors can visit, and (with permission) pet all of the breeds in between classes in the benching area. The dog shown is a Spinone Italiano/
There’s plenty of time to go today; there are classes all day and Best of Show judging at 5.

Tonight at Grape Street Philadelphia

One of my favorite places to frequent for local music, being a suburban dude, is the Grape Street. Sure, it’s way out west in Manayunk, but it’s always a good time when I swing by. On weeknights they have small, acoustic acts in the Grape Room, and the Main Stage always rocks harder than an avalanche of snow! And, of course, the dance floors, which you’ll never, ever catch me on.

Like tonight, chillin’ up in the DJ Room’s Friday Night Dance Party are DJ Sat One and White Mike. They do their thing however they want but then you’d find me headbangin’ to (and you’re gonna think I’m crazy or just plain weird for this lineup:) Shane Hines, Chili Stu, Fooling April, and Whiskey Train.

I only really have heard Fooling April. They’re that poppy piano rock that reminds you of the Beatles if they were around today. Billy Joel had that thing going in the 80’s, and now it’s Fooling April, up and coming straight out of our little city. My buddies are going to see Shane Hines and Whiskey Train, too, and my buddies have good taste in music. We’ll see how everything turns out. It’ll be awesome and cool and if you got some free time and a few minutes to kill on I-76 (unless you know a better way, in which case TELL ME!) swing by for a musically moving good time!

The swallows come home to roost

Swallows come home to roost at City Hall

The weather today seems more like September–this global warming is really bothering me. So for a blast from the past, here’s a photo I took one year ago. I really like the bleak November mood to it. The swallows screeching at twilight at City Hall are kinda eerie, too.

Live Music at the Westin

So you know what I heard about the other day? The lobby bar at the Westin at 17th and Market has some nice, quiet, laid back music every Wednesday by Philly’s cool artists. From seven to eight, the sultry, the jazzy, the bluesy play the lounge, entertaining diners just before dinner at the City Grange restaurant. Tomorrow night? The ever amazing Adrienne Hamilton will be hangin’ out, wooing everyone with an ear. Swing by after work and have a drink and listen in. She’s worth catching.

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