Local student writes about experiences in Iraq

Local graduate student and former Washington Post special correspondent, Bassam Sebti, revived his connection to that paper this weekend with an article reflecting on the risks he took working as an Iraqi reporter. Sebti says:

Each day that I worked for The Post involved attempts to prevent my own killing. No one in my neighborhood knew where I worked or what I really did for a living. I told everyone that I ran my own business, an Internet cafe, in a remote area of northern Baghdad. If people had known the truth, word might have reached bloodthirsty insurgents who wait for a chance to add another name to their death lists.

His article is a viscerally felt reminder of the ways in which we are insulated from the violence that is occurring in Iraq at this time. I feel lucky and mournful at the same time having read this article.

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  1. Rich (unregistered) on October 25th, 2007 @ 3:34 pm

    We’re holding a really big anti-Iraq War demonstration this Saturday, but I’m puzzled by how few blogs seem to be covering it. I’ve placed the link for the demo in the URL box.

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