Nobody has to live this way forever.

Getting married makes you incredibly tired, for about a week. No one warned me about this, and I tried to go back to work right away. It’s difficult to focus with the constant yawning.

Now, onto the topic. I came across an interesting blog about the cycle of violence in major cities, especially Philadelphia which happens to be the writer’s home town. Beware, though, the author uses some strong language.

There is a total sickness going on in this country – my opinon. People (such as this young gent below) are so [expletive deleted] spoiled in the richest country in the world they have no [expletive deleted] idea what it’s like to live in a poor- third world country. If you are free, english speaking, have at least a highschool education – you have a choice! Specifically you have a choice when you turn 18. Nobody has to live this way forever.

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