Brandi Carlile and A Fine Frenzy at the Electric Factory

Monday night* I went to see the Brandi Carlile (with A Fine Frenzy) concert at the Electric Factory. I got there a little late as I had to work until 8 pm which was also the time that show started. I was hoping that things would start late, or that there’d be an opener for the opener (something I have encountered in the past at the Electric Factory). Sadly we got there just as A Fine Frenzy was ending their final song. I feel slightly guilty about that because it was her promotion company that gave me the tickets, but it was unavoidable. What I heard was good, but it’s hard to form an opinion based on the closing strains of a single song.

However, Brandi Carlile and band were excellent. I had heard her music before, I believe she was one of XPN’s Artists to Watch sometime back, so she was definitely field of awareness but I hadn’t paid much attention to her until seeing her live. Since I am a sucker for musicians who combine bluegrass with rock, there was nothing about her for me not to like. I was especially charmed when she stepped away from the mic and sang a song with two of her band mates totally unamplified. That takes a certain amount of chutzpah and talent.

One weird thing about the show was that the Electric Factory had chairs set up on the main floor. I’d never seen them do that before and it was kind of pointless because as soon as Brandi and her band started playing, everyone stood up. The friend with whom I went refused to stand. He is something of a curmudgeon.

*I meant to write about this sooner, but somehow the last two days have vanished without a trace.

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