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Minar Palace returns!

And I begin to weep in joy! According to Foobooz, who got his information from a thread over at PhillyBlog, the much-loved and much-missed Minar Palace will be returning to Center City sometime in January. They’ll be opening in a store front at 1304 Walnut, an area that already has a concentration of Indian places. Oh happy day!

Democratic Presidential Hopefuls to Debate at Drexel University Tonight, 10/30

Drexel University is hosting a debate between seven presidential hopefuls for the democratic bid — Clinton, Obama, Biden, Dodd, Edwards, Kucinich and Richardson. While the debate (starting at 9pm EST) is closed to the general public, Senator Hillary Clinton will be joined by General Wesley Clark to promote debate visibility from 4:30p – 9p EST.

EPX Art Auction on Friday November 2nd

1st Annual Avenue Art Auction to benefit East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association and Town Watch

Friday November 2, 2007 6:30 – 9:30 PM
Arts of the Avenue
1616 E. Passyunk Avenue

Champagne and Hors D’oeuvres by Paradiso Restaurant and Wine Bar. Raffle drawings for local restaurant gift certificates and works of art. Silent auction features work by local artists.

$20 in advance, $25 at the door if available

Purchase tickets at Arts of the Avenue or email

Call for Artists: Artists interested in donating a piece for the auction are encouraged to submit their work for consideration. Send 3-5 jpeg images and personal statement (biography or artist statement) to

Call for Volunteers: EPX members are needed to volunteer to help with the event and in exchange will be eligible to purchase tickets at 1/2 price ($10). Assistance is needed manning the front door and EPX information table, preparing and passing out drinks, assisting the gallery in the silent auction and, clean-up. If interested email

Pretty Lucky Dessert

I like burritos. Yesterday I decided to try Lucky’s Mexican Spot, located at 225 South Street, where I’ve been a few times before, and found it pretty good. I usually stick to some type of burrito, but in my Mexican food search, I am always looking for two other things: tamales and plantains. The minute I walked into Lucky’s, I smelled the plantains. Pleased. Very pleased. I ordered and ate my chicken burrito. No complaints, and I discovered the nice sauce they put on all the tables was very delicious, as well. The burrito was unadorned, just set in the middle of the plate, and nothing fancy.

My surprise, and “the best part of my day, so far,” was when I received my dessert. See, the plantains were barely mentioned on the menu, which is a little confusing. When I asked questions, I was also not really getting answers. There was a language barrier, I think. So, I took my chances and ordered the only thing I found mentioning plantains, on the back of the menu. “Plantains with sweet cream sauce.” I pictured a plain dish of plantains with a little bowl of cream on the side. Nah. Instead, I got a white plate, garnished with a chocolate drizzle, containing a fried tortilla bowl filled with fried plantains, peaches, strawberries, and also drizzled with the “sweet cream sauce.” So beautiful. So tasty. So unexpected. Yay, Lucky’s!

Photo of the day

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Devona, originally uploaded by terrible_images.

Great rich colors, nice shadows, and interesting decorations in this photo by terrible_images.

Secret Happy Hour – Xochitl

So, I finally, finally made it to Xochitl for the first time last Wednesday. I’ve been walking past this place practically every day for a year! I love, love, love Mexican food and tequila, and this is a tequila bar, for sure. Think upscale Mexican. It is simply beautiful, decor-wise, delicious, food-wise, and has a relaxed atmosphere, handsome, friendly, skilled bartender, polite staff, and a great happy hour! From 5-7 on Tuesday – Sunday, you can have 1/2 priced house margaritas, $2 beer specials, or $6 Guero Special (shot of Sauza Blanco and a can of Tecate). Try the Queso Fundido for an indulgent appetizer!

The “secret” happy hour I’m talking about takes place downstairs, in the lounge, a dimly-lit, cozy room where, if I were a person who made out in public, I would be making out. Try the same specials from 10-12 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Take someone you dig.

Photo of the Day

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Kimmel During Sunset, originally uploaded by The Bryce.

I thought I’d seen all the possible Kimmel photos, but this is a powerful and original view of the Kimmel roof outlining the Drake. Amazing colors.

Best five buck food in town


The above pictures is, in my humble opinion, the best plate of food you can get in Philadelphia for $5. It is the tacos al pastor from Plaza Garibaldi on Washington Ave. (between 11th and 12th Streets). Tasty crumbles of cooked pork with pineapple, corn tortillas, guacamole, cilantro and onion that just get better when you squeeze a little lime over them. If you aren’t a pig eater, you can get shredded chicken for the same price. It is definitely worth the trip.

Local student writes about experiences in Iraq

Local graduate student and former Washington Post special correspondent, Bassam Sebti, revived his connection to that paper this weekend with an article reflecting on the risks he took working as an Iraqi reporter. Sebti says:

Each day that I worked for The Post involved attempts to prevent my own killing. No one in my neighborhood knew where I worked or what I really did for a living. I told everyone that I ran my own business, an Internet cafe, in a remote area of northern Baghdad. If people had known the truth, word might have reached bloodthirsty insurgents who wait for a chance to add another name to their death lists.

His article is a viscerally felt reminder of the ways in which we are insulated from the violence that is occurring in Iraq at this time. I feel lucky and mournful at the same time having read this article.

Public transportation of yesteryear


There are lots of things going on in Philly that I could be posting about today. There was the huge turn out for the 10,000 Man March/Community Patrol event this last Sunday at the Liacouras Center. There’s also Philly Mag’s blog post about how they think we should combat the fact that Philadelphia has been voted the ugliest kid on the playground.

But I don’t have the mental fortitude to dig in to those stories. So instead, I’m going to point you at the cool old pictures that Septa Watch linked to yesterday. It’s a set of scans of old postcards that feature public transportation as it once was in Philly. Oh, simpler times.

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