Hi! I’m Robin.

Hi! I’m Robin. I’m new.

I’m not much of a shopper, because I’m on a budget, and don’t really have lots of extra income for shopping. But when it comes to gifts, well, that is a great excuse to find some new stores. I’ve just discovered Brave New Worlds, in Old City. 45 N. Second St., specifically. I’m not much of a comic fan, but my birthday friend is, so headed over there to check it out on my lunchbreak last week. Well, what a nice surprise! I love toys! And they have lots of toys! Weird little foreign-made toys, to be specific. They’ve also got plenty of action figures. I chose something out of the front case for a nice, low price. It was a surprise, so I didn’t even know which collectible it would be. The shoppers in there are enthusiastic, to say the least, and I met a woman who said she’s been stopping in to buy a surprise collectible almost every day.

Store number two, of the children’s and baby variety, popped up on my way to visit my new-mom friend. I was headed north towards the Market East Station, when what to my wandering eyes doth appear? Lolli Lolli. It’s at 713 Walnut, just across from Washington Square Park. Thank goodness they’ve finally put a nice children’s boutique in on my side of town. Really. I don’t have kids, nor do I hang with them very much, but when I’m going to visit my friends with the little buggers, I love to take them gifts. And Aunt Robin doesn’t like to go to the other side of town when she’s in a hurry. Now I’ve got something nearby. I’m telling you – this city gets better and better.

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