Fantasy Hockey Season

The new NHL hockey season is upon us and while nowhere near as popular as Fantasy Football (or Fantasy Baseball or Fantasy Basketball), Fantasy Hockey has been a fun past time of mine for well over a decade. When I first started playing it I was in high school and we did the scorekeeping ourselves using the weekly Hockey News and an arcane formula that we came up with in the Holy Ghost gym basement one morning. Leagues have evolved for us since then, no longer do we buy a hockey news to get the weekly stats (which were always off by about a week anyway) instead opting to allow the power of the internet and Yahoo! Sports in particular to keep track of the statistics while we micro manage or teams, making adjustments at the drop of a hat.

So why I am telling you this, well it turns out that the fantasy league that we have had running for the past 10+ years is in need of some new players. And by need I mean the draft is tonight at 11PM (live online draft) and we need two teams or else dummy accounts will be created and thrown out there. Of course everyone would prefer if we had a living people controlling the other two teams so I, being the commissioner, open the opportunity up to you the faithful Philly Metroblog readers…. Log into Yahoo! and sign up for Fantasy Hockey (under the sports tab – Fantasy) and join the private Sabre Hockey League for a fun year of Fantasy Hockey.

The league ID is: 54801 and the password is: sabres.

So if you are in the market for a fantasy hockey league between now and 10PM (I am locking the teams and creating dummy accounts if the league hasn’t filled by then) and can do a live draft or you are willing to risk the computer picking for you, please by all means join up.

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