I Hear Nothing, I See Nothing, I Know Nothing!

Never had a quaint family film caused so much controversy this year then “That’s a Family”. The Evesham Township School Board decided that a film depicting the loving relationship between same sex parents and their children was just too much for the third grade to handle. Dare I say – I think it was too much for the parents to handle.

It’s amazing how impressionable young minds work. Equally as astonishing is the amount of bigotry and close-mindedness that some parents instill within their children. A parents job is to love, nurture and teach children tolerance and acceptance of all the different people that inhabit earth. That is exactly what the video was meant to show. After all, our differences are what created this great country, right? Perhaps I am touching on the bigger picture here. At the heart of the big picture are plenty of towns, schools and governments experiencing similar situations as is in the Evesham Township School Board.

Another fine example; a church pastor in South Jersey is offering – out of the goodness of his heart – services to help the homosexual. Help, of course, in the form of counseling the wayward homosexual to realize the error of his or her ways. Greg Quinlan’s seminar is aimed at teaching gays that homosexuality is a, “conscious decision and not predetermined.” Mr. Quinlan was at one time a gay rights activist. Now, he has resulted to using up precious oxygen as he “teaches” his lessons. The ignorance he – and so many like him – displays is inexcusable.

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  1. albert (unregistered) on September 2nd, 2007 @ 5:55 pm

    Sadly, I’m sure this sort of thing happens all the time.

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