Taking care on Kelly Drive

I ride my bike along the Kelly Drive walking/running/biking/blading path at least once a week. I’ve seen a lot of near-misses along the path, and today I saw a young girl totally wipe out at a point when the path got crowded and people weren’t paying attention. As I rode by, her mom was holding her as she screamed, “my knee hurts, it really hurts.”

In the hopes that more injuries like that could be avoided, here are my recommendations on how to be safe and have fun on the Kelly Drive path.

1. Stay to the right. (This is the United States and that’s just how we roll here).

2. If you are walking with friends or family, please make sure that you are not walking three and four abreast, because doing so obscures the bulk of the path, leaving very little room for those on bikes and blades/skates to move around you.

3. Don’t let your young children play ball in the middle of the path, especially in front of blind spots. I nearly ran over a toddler who was walking to his dad right at the point where the path narrows and curves around the very large rock. I wasn’t going fast and had my hands on the brakes, but this is not safe behavior for a path that is used by bikers, runners and skaters in addition to walkers.

4. Do not abruptly stop in the middle of the path. Chances are, doing so will take someone else by surprise and you don’t want to send them tumbling over you.

5. Please be present. Keep your eyes and ears open, so that people can enjoy the waterfront and stay injury-free.

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  1. Chris (unregistered) on July 22nd, 2007 @ 10:44 pm

    Ideally you could summarize all of the above by saying “read the signs along the path,” but that’s giving people WAY too much credit. If common sense doesn’t tell you to stay out of the way of the bikes, I doubt that tiny, barely visible red signs at intermittent spots are going to do the job…

    I, for one, generally try to stay on the bricks and leave the asphalt for bikers and bladers. So there. lol

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