Food Fascist’s in Fairmount

In through my mail slot came these two pieces of paper stapled together. No envelope, no address, no name of sender. One of the pieces of paper was a professionaly made slick surfaced ad-like informational piece about xyz food. It is against anyone eating or making or serving xyz food. Attached to the costly advertisement was a homemade mass copied 4×5 inch piece of paper that asks me to tell my neighbor “hard worker”, but actually gives “hard worker’s” name and address, to stop serving xyz food in the restaurant where he works.
Here is what it said…

Your neighbor REAL NAME is a manager of the Real Name of Restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant continues to sell xyz which we and others think should not be served….blah blah blah.. And in a sepersate box gives the name and full address of’ ‘hard worker’ asking me to harrass him.

What weasels these food fascist’s are. They do not have the courage to sign their propaganda but think nothing of possibly causing a working person grief. More consideration is given to their inane food cause then to a fellow human.

Get a life. I never had xyz but I sure will, the next time I see it on the menu. Maybe even buy some for home. I hate bullies and that is what you are.

Using my mailbox or anyone’s mailbox, unless by a postal worker, is against federal law. I will be turning over your stuff to the authorities on Monday.

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  1. Anna (unregistered) on July 8th, 2007 @ 7:19 pm

    hey, i bet i know exactly who these a-holes are who sent the letter. i heard an interview on npr (whyy) on marty moss-coane’s show with and about the “hugs for puppies” food police nazis. they sounds like a bunch of ridiculous thugs, stalking their victims (part of which includes exactly what happened to you – harrassing their neighbors), threatening violence, etc, all with a poorly conceived and even more poorly articulated program to have restaurants stop serving whatever food they deem inappropriate to eat, and many have served jail time for assault charges their organization is on the terrorism watch list. it was amazing to me to see them protesting outside smith and wollenski, trying to save – for pete’s sake – a few dozen ducks, when about ten feet away there were homeless people sleeping in the park with no food and no shelter and no one concerned about taking care of them. i really am shocked at what “causes” people take up.

    pheww… getting off my soap box now.

  2. Joe S (unregistered) on July 9th, 2007 @ 1:31 am

    Anna, Yes, yes, yes. You are welcome to stand on our soapbox in the public square and speak.

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