Last Night’s OPCC thing

I left work über early on Friday because the last time I went into Philadelpha it took me two hours to drive from Princeton, NJ to South Street. Plus, I left my phone at home and needed to get it. After all, Christopher Bell is from upstate New York and I was the only number he had. Lys came a few minutes after I got home and off we went. Of course, on the day that I give myself an extra hour and a half to get into Philadelphia, we get there in half an hour. There was even enough time to drive around Chinatown, which, let me tell you, is no small feat at five p.m. when the Casualties are about to play at the Trocadero!!!

Anyway, I learned a parking trick that could save me $17.00 (too late to be of any help, of course) and John and I loaded in and set up at the Old Pine Community Center’s amphitheater on 4th & Lombard, and ran a sound check. Showtime was 6:30, and Chris Bell arrived just in time to play. He sounded good and had a few new songs since last I’d seen him, in November 2006. He still remembers the date. November 2nd or something like that. Last time he was in Philly he played at the Fire. that was in February. I tried to invite myself up to his area some time and maybe I will, if not to play a gig in a nowhere place where no one’s heard of me than at least to see what his area of the world has to offer musically.

YSI played and Otama said my pedalboard effects were a little too much and I said it’s because half the time I couldn’t tell if they were on—which was true. For next time I’ll remember to lay off that Boss flanger. But this was the best performance I think me and the guys have put on so far, and I’m really proud of that.

Kyle Justin played with his drummer and he had a few new songs as well, but I didn’t care about the new songs. I cared about the “Easy Like Sunday Morning” cover and his final song “Holy Ghost” which he unfortunately cut to four minutes from the original 8-minute epic. I think I have the times off but whatever. It’s a cool folk song that I really love listening to. Kyle also had a duet that he performed, but without a female to sing it, he did both parts. And some punk teenager passing by grooved to the final chorus, which warranted a reprise from Kyle & Dave.

John had let me put together the bill, and I really appreciate him allowing me the chance to mix in an eclectic mix of music, from folk-punk to pop-rock to blues-soul. I enjoy seeing Kyle live and it’s always nice to kick back with a lager and chat with Chris. The night was awesome, and I can’t wait for next month’s OPCC concert with IKE and OutSet. I think that’s who’s playing, anyway . . . . .

Christopher Bell‘s next gig is at the Hookah Cafe in eerie Erie, PA on the 14th of July
Your Secret Identity’s next gig is at the Fire on 4th & Girard in Philly on July 13th
Kyle Justin’s next gig is on Monday, July 16 at the World Cafe Live

Oh crap I forgot to kick back with a lager and chat with Chris last night.

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